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Menthol flavor ideaa


Hi I have a family member who just smokes menthol flavors. She is not big into different stuff, just straight menthol. At the moment I don’t have menthol, I do have koolada. Can I use koolada alone? And if so what kind of percent? Never used the stuff before.


A lot of people have issues with Koolada… I’m not one them. I do find it can become overbearing at higher %s. Start under 1% and increase if needed. I myself like it paired with Menthol so if you can use both to help her out, I say try it and keep the usage low from the start. I have a friend that likes them mixed with RY4. EM and Graham Cracker. No matter what I give her it’s the only thing she vapes.


You could also try eucalyptus inw at a low percent.


So just do 1%? How cool is it? I’ll just have to make some up and try it.


I’ve tried the eucalyptus flavor from loranne and it was absolutely gross. I gave her a bottle of it and she didn’t touch it. That reminds me I never got my bottles back!

Anywho… I just need a simple, basic recipe for menthol.

Does koolada taste different than menthol? I figured they were the same taste. I haven’t really gotten into the menthol side of juice. I use to be an advocate for menthol but when I started vaping I went to the fruity side…

I’m getting ready to replenish my flavors so if I need to get menthol, now would be the time. Or would koolada work by itself? Or should I do a mixture?


Koolada doesn’t really have a taste just a cooling finish on the exhale. This is a recipe that I make about 120ml of every two weeks because a friend of mine and I both vape a ton of it.


You can try a 10% menthol solution made by any of a number of manufacturers but if your family member is smoking Kools or Newports she’ll probably need something very strong to give her the same kick in the throat. You can buy the raw menthol crystals and mix them with PG to make your own solution. This is what I had to use.

Koolada is great in small doses for a cooling effect but for me, anything over 1% makes a mix too dry in texture to be vapable.


Thank you for all the pointers, the tin man, I will def try that recipe out. Thank you…

What if I just wanted to make a pure menthol flavor, No fruits or tobacco… could I just use the menthol at 1% and it would give me what she is looking for? I’ve used nicvape cool by itself and it did the job. I just don’t like nicvape because they are very proud of their products…