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Menthol vs Koolada


Is Koolada 10% and Menthol (CAP) the same. I have found a recipe that has menthol at 10% 3ml of 30ml bottle and that seems high to me or is that right?

*Black Currant (SilverLine) (CAP)
1.50 ml 5.00%
*Double Apple (CAP)
1.50ml 5.00%
*Menthol (CAP)
3.00ml 10.00%


Koolada imparts a soft cool feeling to the inhale

Menthol is minty like a menthol cigarette

I use FW Menthol as a stand-alone for a menthol vape


Thanks for your quick reply
Does 10% seem high though?


I’ve never used CAP menthol but it does seem high it will depend on what device your using it in, in a MTL it is probably bareable but in a sub ohm maybe too strong


I use FW Menthol at 4% and it works nice


Practically Koolada 10% is a WS-3 cooler @ 10% with PG…

Some History: Did you know that WS coolers were invented by Wilkinson Sword in the 70’s to improve their after shave lotions and have a cooling effect without the menthol because mint could irritate eyes and skin?:+1:


When people ask how I know so much trivia, well, this is how. I like these little ‘did you know’ blurbs.


I do too… can you tell?


WAY high!!


Read the flavor notes and decide for yourself http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/20442 just in case you dont know so heres a guide to use the flavor list : Tips For Navigating the Flavor Page and Optional Flavor Choices For Beginners
Gl to you!