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Mentor Group (JoJo messed it up again...now its Forum-Founder and it's staying that way.)


If it’s to symbolize those that were on ELR at the beginning in its first year…why don’t you just have a number ‘1’ …


GG, we’ll be drowning in complaints with that one. What do you mean number 1? Aren’t we good enough? What’s this favouritism? :rofl:



A graduation cap, diploma, stethoscope. I really like the first badge that was a given.




I can’t even remember what the first badge was :rofl:


Wasn’t it the :turkey:?


It was a beaker/flask in a orange circle.

BTW I’m really liking your new avatar @Lolly! :heart_eyes:


Plenty of options I’d say


its a good point…it would make us lot the ‘numbers twos’…and I don’t think I’m ready for that… :rofl:


She meant in pictures not words.


I thought some extra definitions may give some ideas


Somethink simple :laughing:




You mean, you don’t like his “Let’s all set Cosmic Truth on fire” icon? :rofl:


But seriously, you do have a point. Some of these suggestions are way too complex!

[EDIT: P.S. could’t figure out how to post that as an image. And It wouldn’t let me just quote @tartarusspawn ]


Not really all depends on the software.


A compass, I think, it would be a good choose


I can’t remember but I think I liked the beaker? But that was so long ago. The building icon was good too.

Wrench to me would be interpreted as moderator. For which I am not.



Guess you’s know better than me, but I’m also thinking that the icon has to be really simple to be recognisable when shrunk.

My main point really though was that your suggestion looked so much like CosmicTruth going up in flames, it was funny!