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Mentor Group (JoJo messed it up again...now its Forum-Founder and it's staying that way.)


@ least your not a Monkey wrench


LOL I can’t decide what says “Founder” I was going for like a whole builder thing but they don’t have a hammer, just a gavel. And you know if I did that people would likely think “Wait, so now they’re judges!?” can’t have judges…


its funny every time i pop in there is a new symbol , are you having fun ?


Gavel would have been very very bad! Good call , I don’t mind being a tool and most would agree…


I think she knows all of us quite well…
This may create too much work for the mods, and those without an icon may feel left out, it might work with some automated mathematic equation based on the users # of posts and accomplishments, so the new people would be a baby icon and progressively become a tool, then a building, then an old fart?

what is the image format? what does your collection of icons look like? i might be able to warp a gavel into a hammer




It’s impossible to shrink a large detailed image down to the size of an icon, especially @JoJo 's tiny icons she is using here.
ever made a custom logo for a joyetech mod from a large detailed image?
image image



Just looking , maybe giving JoJo some ideas… not sure on how she has to import new icons…

Edit: only @JoJo truly knows what she is going for…


we would need @JoJo to insert one of her icons into a message so we knew how small they are, I bet they are just 10x10 px or so. But we are far enough off topic to start a new thread. I know its impossible to shrink a large icon into a tiny one without redrawing them pixel by pixel.


Hard to say . Some software resizes the image to what it wants…
Only JoJo knows, well I could go hunt it out. But I prefer vbulletin

Edit: no I got to go hunt it out


I like what you have come up with and it gave me a idea of what I would like to see.
@JoJo if we must have a badge that shows the people that have been here the longest. Could we go with a heart or some kind of friendship flair.
I know some choose to have something to do with mixing as that is what we are about.I think what I hear the most complimented is about how we help others and how we act in a friendly and respectful way.How many times have I read a post that we have no stupid questions on this forum.
Perhaps if we could get a flair that reflects friendship instead of being a master or a status shield would perhaps go a long way in getting us back to our founding days.
Again just a thought


Jojo is using font awesome so any in here I think would work



He’s cute

Edit: looks like you have to do some editing to add custom images…


I like the heartbeat , but that’s just me.I just wanted to give my thoughts on what I think the founders should represent.Some are great mixers , mod builders , coil builders and so on. I do hope and feel that all of the veterans should represent the desire to help others.
Again just my thoughts on the subject


Yes, you are one of the trouble making baddies. Sorry, but people like us get nothing.


Friendship flair? How about some nice big red lips? :kiss: haha


Only if you paste them on my fat ass!:kissing_heart: How you been buddy , I was wondering about you!


:ok_hand: trying to behave here so I don’t get banned. Thanks for coming back! We missed you!


Thanks for staying in touch when I was away!


Spanner is a Uk Slang term and not a very pleasant one usually with the F word in front of it. Google the slang definition of Spanner or F’ing Spanner if you are over 18 :grin:

Just stick a letter F in a white circle, would be my suggestion, if something has to be displayed against your username? and a letter or first 2 of the word that relates to the word that is used to describe any future groups (if the letter has already been used.). Unless you start a Fun group. FU against your name wouldn’t look good as F for Founder would have already been used. :laughing: