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Minimalistic Perfection//////Less is More


so glad you got one
but gearbest, hmm, no good words for them.
SXK from anybody is good
vape on


got lots of stuff from them, can’t complain much… let’s say I got proper customer support in 80% of the times I needed and they sent all that stuff to Portugal without passing through customs, can’t say the same about Fasttech or 3Fvape, got some orders that stopped entering the country and all that vaping stuff gets destroyed when caught by customs services over here.


Ok I put the SXK to work, pretty impressed, just a simple space K1 coil at .50 ohms and can run it at about 25 watts for some real nice flavor. Just what I was hoping for flavor and clouds at minimal battery drain.


that’s Great @David5362, that is why I luv it, low wattage, great flavor, super great for single battery squonkers