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Minimalistic Perfection//////Less is More


I was going to do a written review on the Haku Phenom, it’s a clone, SXK.
After doing some research on You Tube, I wanted to see if anybody else felt the same as I do about the RDA.
I found a few, and they all experienced the same as I, but really did not do justice that this RDA needed.
I had started my notes a couple days ago, as I was putting my thoughts down on paper, I took a lil brake and visited You Tube and found this.
This guy did a super job on reviewing the Phenom and explained more in depth of the build and wick, and just nailed it to my satisfaction. He is reviewing an original Haku Phenom. But mine is a clone. There is no difference. In fact it has been proven by 2 other videos I watched, and found the SXK was a much better machined RDA.
So to save me 3-5 days to do a written, I hope you can find the time to watch this. And if you decide to get one, rather original or clone, I promise you will not be disappointed. The Haku Phenom is the most flavorful RDA I have ever encountered.

The truth about #teamfreeshit

I purchased mine from ebay, 24.99 free ship, 3-4 day deliver, they are probably on fastech too, but just takes to long for me.


Yes they are


How restricted is the airflow on those? And does it whistle?


it does not whistle, airflow is very smooth, I keep mine wide open, and don’t hear nothing but coils warming the juice. The YT reviewer said he got a lil whistle, but mine has zero whistle.
The airflow restriction is perfect for me wide open, it can be closed down to suit you style of vape.


I did not see no BF PIN on that one, the Kindbright has one. If you got a squonker make sure the BFpin comes with it.
Also the kindbright had 1 review, and it was’nt good.

I would go with the ebay one, a few more dollars, but worth it, it is top quality, build, fit, finish.


In the reviews it said it came with one and pictured with one but as you well know there is always a risk. I’ll let y’all know it should be here in a week or two


I looked at pictures of the Kindbright, and I see some crappy machine work on it. I would not get that one , even tho it has a BF PIN.


I ordered the one above I linked, see what It has when it gets here.


thats the one David, The picture shows a BF PIN, Super great,
they are great for single battery squonk mods
super great flavor
elementary ease of build
multiple cap options for the matchy matchy
plus all the hot women love the size!,
and you just saved 100$ on A World Class RDA
and you will actually be able to taste your juice like the Top Dogs


Good information this, thanks for the information.


I just ordered one too. I read the grub-screws were not all that good so I ordered some at the same time.
Always handy to have some spares anyway.


Someone do a comparison of all the rdas that are supposed to be flavor gods gift to the vapor. Too many damn drippers to begin with, then clone of the clone plus the newly released clone of that clone etc. Overwhelming lol.

We got the haku, enthion, hadaly, wasp nano, recurve, goon (original), some weird china brands nobody ever heard off and then all the clones with whatever name.

Which one beats the other? :wink:

Edit: I’m not writing this to offend anyone, it was a actual serious and genuine question, because I’m absolutely confused lol.


I see your point, 2019 will be the year of the clones. I believe.
china, as much as I hate to admit, has done some exceptional, quality, 1:1 cloning
I have not vaped with a hadaly, enthion, but when I watch Wayne Walker on his shows, using them, he is constantly wiping juice off his mod, I reckon that is why his aegis mod had liquid in the screen.
the Haku is very hard to over squonk, not saying it can’t be done, yes it can, that will be up to the user.
I have the wasp, recurve, and many more and yes they are great, I keep a recurve and wasp on my desk ready to use.
But I get the most of everything from the Haku.
The Price, is the key point, in my RDA adventure.
I feel better spending 25 and saving 75 for a top quality RDA.

that subjective word, comes into play.


Appreciate the share, but man that guy is painful to watch. lol
You definitely get the gist though. :wink:


Thanks for linking the vid. I’ve had my SXK Haku Phenom for quite a while & put it aside & just pulled it out the other day. So great timing for me. I got it not to whistle but I wasn’t sure what was the best coil placement height. I’m going to try putting the coil real low like the guy in the vid. Thank you again!


I love that your review is someone else’s review!


Hey, It’s a tough job, but somebody got to do it !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The FastTeck linked SXK above arrived and it does come with a bottom feed pin. You are correct the machining is very well done. :+1:


I have bought the Haku Phenom, the one from Gearbest and it doesn’t say it was done by SXK but has the same quality as they do.

I do find it to be a little less like a reference RDA than the Hadaly or the Maze v3.
It has lots of flavour, no doubt but accentuates the lower notes, seems more adequate for custards and bakeries.
I’ve tested it with a simple recipe with 1% WS-23 and it seems to have less than half percent in it, so freshness seems a bit low on it.
It has a nice airflow and if you wick it correctly it doesn’t whistle, I just think they should have put more metal on the sides (original included of course) so we could have a decent tight hole MTL feel.
Mine came with both normal and squonk pins.
On a personal matter I find the drip tip that comes with it to be too little if you make stronger coils as it heats up a bit so I use mine with the Origen Little original drip tip :wink: