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Misconceptions of vaping terminology


Yes Could be much worse

Mind went straight to the gutter with alternate uses for flavoring and vg


My 1st post is from the Resources Page…



Got it. Got a good import.


IDK the answer here… PG/ VG. When I started vaping 4 yrs ago I was told PG is always stated first! If true you would not know it anymore!


On labels (and in general) I always list the ingredients in order of volume - it is possible when juices were higher in pg this was also the case.




Oh Damn DV!!!


Just saying my man. :wink:


A “stone” is what @et3rn1ty made popular with his “Milkstone” http://tjek.nu/r/67L
People saw what he had done it and adapted it to “cakestone, fruitstone, creamstone” etc, but the term “Milkstone” is a Star Wars reference, which is commonly used in et3rn1ty’s recipes.

Milkstone is just a one shot, theres no milk about it. Its bav cream, coconut and sweet cream.

the more you know


Yeah, a bit out of character for me I suppose… I should leave it to those who dwell in the underbelly.

Comment removal in 3…



crap, telephone…


I think as long as one can convey what they’re talking about in a manner others understand, then it really doesn’t matter.

Even if they wanted to just put 80vg, it’s common sense that the rest is flavor or PG. (Those that use PGA or DW usually note such.)

Which leads to:

  • PGA = Pure Grain Alcohol
  • DW = Distilled Water


Nice topic. If it stays on topic and there’s enough good info, maybe I’ll sticky it in the beginner’s section. :wink:

Just FYI, that list from the resources page is actually kinda out of date and wrong…IMO it adds to some of the problems with the flavor database. People enter things based on it and mess stuff up. Like One on One is ooo in the DB (database), not OOO or oOo or o0o or 0o0 or 101 or 1o1 or 1O1…ad nauseum. EGFD = bad, ella’s is just another name for Capella afaik. I think if the other abbreviations for flavors are included just to inform people of what they are, then the ones used in the flavor database should be bolded or something.

And what the heck is black silver bullet? Do I even WANT the answer to that? Backwoods brew? Clouds of vapor? CT = Chinese Tobacco? Good Prophets doesn’t exist anymore.


i was thinking similar for a nice abbrev list but it did get derailed a bit, perhaps posting suggestions here for @Sprkslfly to add to the list…?


example : PWM pulse width modulation


Thank you for adding this…as I’ve been trying to decide whether to keep my mouth shut, or try to politely ask folks if they wouldn’t mind to “Please clean up/remove some of the fictional acronyms/etc.” Simply because there is so much genuine confusion that remains for some folks.

I agree. That’s also why I was trying to limit the acronyms to strictly vaping related (that way, perhaps we could generate a community updated listing), and also correcting “frequently seen” inaccuracies.

I think things are off to a fairly decent start though, and I’ll see what I can do to possibly turn the first post into a “one stop” style post, as folks continue to contribute.

Thanks to everyone for their help and contributions!


Thank you for the reminder!! (And great call!)

If someone wouldn’t mind putting together a brief rundown on the few types of homebrew boards, and a brief description of what makes v1 different from v2, etc… I’d appreciate it!

/calling all @ELR_mod_builders and assemblers!! :wink:


and perhaps posting that info in WR thread to help whoever decide what they want in their mod.


Also there is SA= Stand Alone Flavor as in single flavor mix.
I love your list !


Yeah, I’m sure that would save @Whiterose0818 some time (and repetition of explaining every time someone calls and asks “what’s the difference between…”). lol

I know we have at least 2 or 3 builders here, but for the life of me, can’t recall their usernames.


Could make the first post (or PV’s second?) a wiki so people could edit it, but I’ll leave that up to you guys.