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Misconceptions of vaping terminology


New one entitled “vaping terminology” for example. Here u would definetly have to list the rules as to only replying w/ suggestions to add to a list at the start, I know that wont deter certain peps from derailing so they would obviously have to be drug to the lake w/ a concrete block.


This is probably the best place to ask this, what is YMMV?


IIRC, other mod builders :


Urban Dictionary: ymmv

Literally means “Your mileage may vary” but is often used in forum talk meaning that your results will vary.


Thank you @worm1


cool, I totally needed this


I appriciate this thread. I get confused with abbreviations!


No problem! Glad it’s helped a couple folks already!

I also appreciate PV thinking about the resources page (with all the acronyms). Though I need to be on a proper pc so I can figure out how to do (make use of) the same separation lines that were originally used so I can clean it up, and amend it to vaping terms only (in keeping with the spirit of the thread).

There’s already tons of places for common chat/text acronyms (which the majority originated from the old BBS/IRC days), but next to none, by comparison, for vaping. :wink:




@delltrapp while I’m sure you get the gist… I’m also a bit of a fan of “the history/story behind language” etc. (not so much history in this case, just my extrapolation)

So I hope Worm1 doesn’t mind me expanding on his share…

While the abbreviation translates as above, you can also think of it like this:
Mileage = the distance you’ve traveled down any given road = how far you’ve come = what you’ve learned (seen) as you’ve traveled = your experience.

Hence: mileage = experience.

And finally: your experience may produce different results.


sry but i am not selling


MTL - Mouth to Lung


“we’ll buy your car even if you don’t buy ours”… I had to google this


I didn’t notice RF or Real Flavors on the list…
Nor SNV for Shake and Vape


b&m …brick and mortar store


so far good stuff hope to keep it on track so its easy for someone to compile
RBA=rebuildable atomizer:
RDA=rebuildable dripping atomizer
RDTA=rebuildable dripping tank atomizer
RTA=rebuildable tank atomizer


That “someone” thanks you! :wink:


ETA is also Estimated Time Arrival :slight_smile:


Absolutely :+1:


DOA is Dead On Arrival. Kinda like “up in Smok”. I know, I’m terrible.