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Mix Testing Attie


So I was in need of a way test my new mixes in a fresh clean method. I wanted it un contaminated by old flavors. This is hard enough without old flavs mixed in with my trial runs.
This Atties sole job is for taste testing. Period.
I stepped over to my local Brick and Mortar. I found this wonderful triple post Tesla D II.
It leaves a lot to be desired for a dripper but was only $20.

It is an easy coil swap and mainly has a low deck for wick swap.
I can put fresh cotton in in only a few mins.
With this I can freshen my Attie and get the true flavor of my mad science projects.
I generally Sqounk. And the wick in my favorite sqounk Attie isn so easy and takes a good amount of wick.

As a beginner I hate pre-manufactured cartridges. I cant get the taste from the last flavor out of it. Fruits aren’t a big deal but if any bakery flavors of something weird it gets nasty, soapy or nauseating. To my palate.

So my advice is look in the local brick and mortar for last years models of Atties that are easy break down and serviceable in a short period of time. It is well worth fresh cotton to try the first test run of a new flavor.
Well thats my 2 cents worth on that subject.
Thanks for your time to read my rookie babble.
I am loving this hobby.
Here is a snapshot of tonights batch of new Raw Rookie Rehearsal Research and Development.

And always remember
Smoking is one of leading causes of statistics.


Have you ever looked at wick-less coils? I’ve never used them but I like the fact that there’s nothing there to hang onto old flavors.


What wickless coils.
Now you have the black smith in me thinking.
I do have some ideas with a tiny domed anil
Than u 4 the heads up.


Google it, lots of stuff on youtube. :grinning:


Personally I just use a dual coil RDA with a pair of claptons in, no wick.
A few drops on each coil, a couple of draws, and drip again, when I’m done I just dry burn the old flavour off.


I went to fast tech and got 5 derringer clones for super cheap! I’m sorry I can’t remember exactly how much but had to be less than $10 ea, I’m thinking probably 5-8 even since I bought 5 but honestly can’t remember exactly. Point is, they’re perfect for testing also! Simple build, choice of single or dual coil and if you don’t mind waiting a week or so for shipping I think free shipping is so low that almost any order you make it’s free shipping…
welcome to diy ejuice/ cigs and thank you for your post!
Have a great day!, …:))


Maybe also give hemp wick a try. It clears flavors in a couple of hits, even on monster RDAs with big coils.


i like those little derringers, the tobeco derringer was my first rda , i shelfed it for a long time but now i use it for testing very often that or the velocity , i have a goon a goon 1.5 and a lynx and for some reason i always go to the Two tobeco clones i have the Velocity V2 and the Derringer


My go to is a 22mm Tsunami in single coil mode with a fused clapton. It takes seconds to clean out and re-wick and the flavor is spot on.


Second vote for the Tsunami 22.


I’ve got a tobeco stargate I got for 4 bucks I use, and stove tops are the easiest way to rewick between Flavors.


stove tops. I will have to research those


I’ve got a wanko lol, seriously though, found one on sale for 8 bucks online somewhere, pulled out the wave coil system and just run a single coil with the legs trapped under the screws. they got a lot of flack for the stupid name and the mediocre prebuilt wave coils, but it’s actually pretty good for flavor with the small chamber, and the wick is super easy to change.