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Mixing bulk flavour concentrates, flavour degradation?


Hey Laura. It seems to my that an all flavorah mix totalling 8% may be the cause of the flavor fade.
I would cut all percentages in half and see how that steeps. This will more than likely solve the problem and will save you money :slight_smile:


I dont use sweetners at all either @JoJo. Thanks for the reply!
@mixologist13 really?? Maybe that’s my trouble. Its weird because all my recipes started below 5% total flavoring. I bumped them up because the flavor just wasnt there after a month. But i was also using a higher ratio of VG in the beginning as well.(if that helps…)


And then?

What change(s) so you notice? Something less prominent? Another more prominent? The whole vibe shifts?


Definitely interested in seeing how this progresses (as a relative newblet to FLV) :smile:


It starts with a super banana pop. The creams and nuts are in position.very delicious!
Then the banana is slightly less. And the mix seems to switch directions. Still awesome, but my POP is gone.
It may also be that i need to do a cotton change half way through the bottle in stead of at the end. Bakeries seem to need that!
I emailed bryson and he confirmed that my percentages are not too high on any of my recipes.
My feeling with flavorah is: if you dont go above 3% on any flavor (less than 1% on a few) for a recipe, than you will not experience negative effects
Bryson is going to try the white banana nut and see whats going on


Maybe the flv banana needs support of another banana to stand up against the other notes? Or maybe some flavors develop at a different rate and take over, muting the bananas pop. Im the wrong person to help because i would just say add more banana! Lol. Good luck!


Yea, i love love love banana. Tried to boost it with the lemon…


This may just be what happens when the mix steeps and flavors bend as well as fade.

Lemon is the easiest to explain. Just do a simple lemon tester. (Well close your eyes and imagine lol) Do a lemon, a basic light cream like fresh cream, and marshmallow. Days 1 through 4 lemon pops, cream shaves down the harsh lemon note and you get a nice mallow touch. Go to days 5-10. Some of the pop is gone but it’s still great. Then somewhere around 3-4 week mark the lemon no longer pops. You get lemon milk.

This is why I mix for steeping. I would acknowledge that the banana is going to settle. You may need to reduce the white chocolate and accept that banana and white coco are melding in a way you don’t like. From there, sadly you may need to try a different white coco like rf sc or mf. Or even try another banana such as la. All of which is the toughest part of mixing within one manufacturer

This rambleing and lack of grammar has been brought to you while on my vape break from mixing. Lol


Solid advice man!! Thank you! Thats part of the reason i am thoroughly testing flavorah. So i can compensate with other vendors for the flavors that need more oomph.


Every banana I’ve ever tried, including Flavorah, winds up fading over time. It starts off as a super banana yum and then fades away slowly. Maybe try adding a drop of banana to the tank when you fill (if you use a tank) or a few more drops to the bottle when you notice it’s fading.


Lemon seems to help it stay longer. But it is nice to know its just a banana thing!