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Mixing For POD systems ( pod system recipe ideas )



yes id do the normal steeping ranges 5-7 days fruits for that.

I notice you got the PG nic. Im glad you were able to get it up to 25% nic

Yes Shake a lot. PG high nic. “Hot Spots” Extra shaking prob a good idea. Im to afraid of hitting one with high nic. So I stick to VG it’s blended good at the mfg’s plant.


how are you testing the recipes for pods ??? i think im going to hve to test b4 adding the nic ? there really is no other way … right ?


Yes no nic. Im sticking to finding Sf’s like you recommeded and its working very nice! TY



These work for me, except Mango needs another Mango (for me personally) But sum ppl couldn’t tell it apart from Juul Mango. Ima try the Delosi Mango I just got but at 4% (Flav) and 7% (DS)


12.00% Salted Caramel (FW) 1.00% Super Sweet (Cap) Caramel Pod
15.00% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Cap) 1.00% Super Sweet (Cap) Vanilla Pod
15.00% Creme de Menthe (FW) 1.00% Super Sweet (Cap) Mint Pod
10.00% Forest Fruit (Flavour Art) 1.00% Super Sweet (Cap) FFM Pod
5.00% Mango (Flavorah) 1.00% Super Sweet (Cap) Mango Pod


Do you really need to go that high on forest fruit in a pod recipe?


Some of these 15% could be lowered a bit. Pods are weird need to-the-ceiling type flavoring.
But the FFM one I tested and it’s not over powering and came from a good clone recipe… here

I just replaced the sweetener to (cap) at max range it’s works


Oh, yea, that recipe… I thought it was just an exception to the rule…


By rule I mean the normal mixing percentage


Pod can be mixed as low as 5% as well as high. I guess it depends on your taste and the flavor (s) used.

In the original mix the creator uses tfa sweetener which is a mix out of em and sucralose, at high percentage. This probably mutes the floral high notes of Forrest fruit and softens its edges overall with the sucralose. Like in this case the choice of that sweetener makes sense lol.

Maybe the creator doesn’t taste floral who knows. If you wanted to try it, go for it, can always lower or start way lower :slight_smile:


Ok Ill try… Yes I left a note in that Recipe it’s probably one of the last notes.

I’ll try lower, Just need something to fill the NIC void right now.

To its like vaping a Pine Tree but it’s nice. :relaxed:


Well you used super sweet (cap) this contains citric&malic acid on top of sucralose at higher concentration. It’s not a replacement.

There’s a reason tfa sweetener was used here. Also it’s a 2015 recipe and I would go way lower but that’s just me. I’m also not sure how your pod will like that high sweetener content lol.

If you like it great, if not try lower lol


so nice having your input! ty :hugs:

I did see that… ppl saying the real recipe taste comes from the EM. But ive been on a EM reduction kick. I was gonna do 1.5 SS and 4% Cotton candy.

No way will its go into my Brezze POD, I get the feeling it’a smack me in the face with something I dont expect just from smelling it… just the smaller pod.

Edit… its like pine tree needle tea in smaller pods.


Can I ask why this combo and why that high? Cotton candy is still EM.


That about matches… 15% Sweetner TPA.


tfa sweetener is 5% sucralose , 5% EM plus water.

There’s nothing else in it.

Super sweet rumors have it, that this is 20% suc. Plus the preservatives tfa sweetener doesn’t have.

If you use 1.5% of that, that’s much sweeter then sweetener tfa would be, plus EM on top that’s mostly a 10% solution.

Maybe it matches the whole 15% lol but I still thinks it’s too much.


I agree 100% so whats the math?

SS CAP is like 20% Suc
And CottomCandy is 10% Em

15% TPA
1.5 Cap
And4% CotCany

Hea off topic… do you have any ideas for a new avatar forme?


Its wont work I wont cut down my sugar… I love sugar… ty for trying to save me and Betty will never know anyways!. :crazy_face:




I only said 10% FFM and 1% Supersweet

My adopted recipe is Top Secret now. Im not gonna say what Im going to do with it in the next version. But I have ideas.


as with all recipes , but i believe the big difference between mixing for pods is the layering . What i mean is for sub ohm vaping we have the luxury of using multiple creams , fruits , bakery type flavors in one mix and can taste those things but a pod system you really cant get to complex bc things get muddled so its pointless …thats my take on it anyway … ill know soon enough though


It seems all of the low watt small AIO pod systems use cotton.

Juul uses a Silica Wick system thats why 30PG/70VG is needed or else they leak like wiki-leaks.

My Breeze 2 uses dense cotton so if I use ABOVE 30PG/70VG, the plugin Atomizer burns out in 3 hits. If you’re burning plugin type Atomizers you need to lower the VG and increase the PG so they wick faster.