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Mixing For POD systems ( pod system recipe ideas )


ty i went 50/50 on this first mix , ill fill a pod for my GF in a couple days and report back


It’s cool on the shake it was all natural evergreen pine tree, now a week later Im getting what ppl are talking about. It’s magical $#!7 the taste keeps changing while your vaping for the good. It needs steep.

Just tried my other ones. No Magic @4 & 5% So maybe 7-10% would be optimal.



Had to pass this along so you might benefit and pass it to others wondering.

Finally figured out how to stop these pods from leaking while they’re just sitting around.

Prime them with 1-2 drops of 10%PG/90%VG at the bottom of both sides and then fill them with your 30%PG/70%VG. or whatever you prefer.

Its like they’re brand new. Have 10 I pre-filled sitting out for 2 days perfect. No more filling everyday or coming home to find half of them leaked.