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Moderator changes


So, there has been some changes in the moderator line-up. Dumbgecko, ohlol and langertony are no longer moderators. I’ve got nothing against them at all, but they’re busy doing other stuff, which is cool. And I feel our moderators should be ones that are very active here.

So for now there is only me, and … :tada: a big welcome to @JoJo :tada: our new moderator! You probably won’t even notice this change, but now you know! @JoJo, just keep doing what you’re doing! :slightly_smiling:

Happy holidays, everyone!


Congrats @JoJo good luck looks like a lot of work


Congratulation @JoJo !!! Don’t know how you’ll find the time (School) but one thing I know for sure is there could not have been a better choice…


As I told her - she shouldn’t let it take extra time …but if she’s here anyway… :smiley:


Great choice. You rock @jojo !


Aw, thanks guys! I’ll do my best to make y’all proud and keep the baddies away as I wield my special “go away” button. Kidding. I have NO IDEA what any of these buttons do…what’s this big red one that says “Donotpush?” :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright one of our own ! Yay @JoJo your perfect for the job tidiest gal I know ! Congrats :heart_eyes:


Grats JoJo!! Great choice Daath!

How long till she get’s her lightsaber to deal with menaces?

That one usually instantly shuts down the data center and there’s a reason they don’t want you to push it. But I could be wrong. So, you should totally try it! :smiling_imp:


That’s the “history eraser” button… Push that and POOF!..all of humanity disappears! You wield a mighty scepter there with that one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Choose wisely!


Congrats Jojo.

So I guess you did hit the red button since part of the site went down today. :hear_no_evil:

No but seriously. Thanks to everyone who make these forums great. I was so freaking out that I couldn’t research flavors to come up with new recipies today. But then poof…it came back up.


Maybe something bad, maybe something good… We’ll never know. Cuz you’re gonna guard it!

postscript: aw man, @jimk beat me to it!


Excellent choice… Cheers @JoJo!


:^) Congrats @JoJo and thanks @daath for the wise choice!


Congrats @JoJo I’m sure @daath told you to send everyone weekly vape juice to keep us happy and content…


keep up the good work excellent choice!!!


Congrats hun. @JoJo will make a fine moderator. And she’s uber cute as well. And very nice. Super sweet. And just an absolute doll. Very helpful and respectful. Best choice for sure!

Did I do that right? :relaxed:

Seriously, great choice @daath. I kinda saw it coming and actually thought JoJo was already a mod here. Anyway, let’s have a party!


Grats @JoJo!

…a preview of what it’s gonna look like next time I post something stupid.

Which will prolly happen in about…3…2…1…


I’m available for ya Lars. Even though I am in the shadows because of what you know, I’m all about moderating if you need another


So we just hit you and JoJo up and you’ll give us all the magic we need right? :slight_smile:


Congrats @JoJo :+1::+1::grinning: