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Mods and safety: am I being excessively cautious?


I’ve used Nightcore chargers exclusively and have never had any issues.


I’ve had two Nitecore i4’s for several years, no issues. Simple, blinky lights, nothing more.


After reading your problems using a microwave it’s probably best you don’t try using a Mech Mod. :laughing:


I have a Efest LUC V4 and recently bought a Hohm Tech Hohm Base found the last at Mt. Baker Vapor for about half MSRP. Ill post a link but I don’t know how but shipping would be to the other side of the pond.



Mech mods aren’t inherently dangerous. There’s just less room for error. I vented two batteries the other night because I did something stupid with a mech. But the mod itself wasn’t the dangerous thing. I was the dangerous thing.

Re: cooler vapes, you can always build at higher ohms. A .8 ohm build on a parallel mech is only about 22 watts with fully charged batteries.

I also like regulated mods too, and I agree that taking batteries out to charge is best.


Yep me too. I am always a dangerous thing, which was pretty much my point :laughing: I have to put a lot of thought into how to circumnavigate my own stupidity.

Was planning on being a theoritical physist , way back in my youth; but after crashing out of college (long story) toddled down to the Careers Centre to find out what kind of job i might be qualified for already, All they could come up was “lab assistant” and i cracked up laughing. One thing I already knew was that I would make a freaking dangerous lab assistant! and i only get worse with advancing years.


Oh! BTW, gotta say, I was not the notorious idiot who connected six lead-acid cells in series then closed the circuit without adding in the slightest trace of a resistor. It was just like a daisy chain of lead acid cells. :open_mouth: Yep somebody actually did that at my collge :laughing:, and, thankfully, it wasn’t me! Still, ever since I heard that story , i’ve wondered if that could have been me on an off-day!

Knowing what should and shouldn’t be done in theory, and not ever doing the latter are two very different challenges.


LOL, I agree! My lesson learned was for me to not do certain things if I am tired or I am not fully present.

Ps - Do a google search on AccuPower IQ338 charger. They are designed in Germany, and are super good and reasonably priced chargers. They will charge 4 batteries at a time or do combinations of various types of cell capacity tests. They can also charge at different rates in each slot. 300 milliamperes, 500, 700, or 1 amp.

They also have a 1 amp USB port for charging phones (or vapes that have internal batteries).


I have a Luc 6. They offer a two bay as well. Stupid simple, nice springs in the sled and has never nicked my batteries skins.


You do see the contradiction in these two statements, don’t you?

Even though you are using a regulated device with a chip set that will keep you safe, knowledge of ohms law will offer you piece of mind that you scream you crave. I don’t see how putting an atty on on mod and holding it to your mouth doesn’t terrify you but you won’t plug in a microwave without reading a 123 page manual first. It smells like BS to me.

While ohms law may not seem as important on a regulated device, it is important to know what stress you are putting on your battery or batteries. Knowing ohms law will provide you a safe vaping experience and help you make your batteries last longer. In certain cases it may improve the flavor of the juice you are vaping.

Lucky for us there is a calculator that will do the math. We just need to know a couple of answers which are readily available to us. We actually know 3 but 2 will suffice.

If you are using a sub ohm atty the resistance of the coil will be stamped or etched in the coil. For the first example we will use a Q4 Smok coil that is 0.4 ohms. We have our resistance. If we are using a single cell 18650 at full charge we have 4.2 volts available to us. We know our voltage. Now we just put them into a calculator. Easy peasy.

In the resistance box we type in .4 in the voltage box we type in 4.2 and the other two boxes, amps and watts, are calculated for us automatically. We are at 10.5 amps and just over 44 watts. Now let’s pop that coil out and put in a 0.12 T10 Smok coil. Our voltage does not change, it is still 4.2, but we are going to put .12 in our resistance box. We just jumped to 35 amps and 147 watts.

We know one other thing. The continuous discharge rate of the battery. If we don’t, we should. Let’s take a popular battery, the Samsung 25R. The battery guru Mooch tells us that this battery has a CDR of 20 amps. While even though you are using a regulated device, you are putting a strain on the battery or batteries using The .12 ohm coil. The first example of the .4 ohm coil is going to give you 8 to 10 hours vaping time and the latter example will give you 2 to 4 hours. You are still safe because your chip set is keeping you safe, but you are lessening the life of your batteries.

You may find in the first example that the coil is not ramping up fast enough, or that you are not getting the flavor you desire. Most regulated devices show your voltage on a screen display. Pushing that .4 ohm coil to 6 volts still puts you in a safe 15 amp range.

Why? Sub ohm is simply a resistance of less 1.0 ohms. Years? Caution? Are you even serious?

In the beginning during the clearo and ego days I think people were looking for a little more. Mechs have grown and declined in popularity over the short span of vaping for several reasons. The deeming regulation scare saw an upswing in mechs due to their simplicity and ease to fix it a spring broke or something of that nature. Mechs that are well taken care of last forever, regulated devices don’t. And we could see a point where regulated devices may become black market items if certain companies like BT have their way.

Another recent upswing in mechanicals have came from squonk type devices.

Some people enjoy mechs. And if it keeps them from smoking and they enjoy it, then there is a point.


hang on. I haven’t read your whole post yet, but where did i say I never troubled to learn Ohm’s law? or that I don’t understand it’s importance? Nowhere. What I actually said was that my brain function is erratic, such that on a bad day . I lose my ability to ,manipulate simple equations such as Ohm’s law

. Now, maybe I should have add to that I have A-levels in Pure Maths, Applied Maths , Physics and Chemistry? that will give yousome idea of what I know, and how much can do on a good day. You see a contradiction in me reading a manual? It’s in my nature to research things thoroughly (and besides, the freaking display told me the read the manual) but (especially when when I’m groggy and confused, following a seizure) I do stupid things anyway, wouldn’t you know it?

And no, I’m not “craving peace of mind” , nor am I screaming, I have come to terms with having a incurable, degenerative illness, and am cool with that. I’m just trying to be sensible and responsible, and use my good days to foolproof my life against the bad days.


Maybe if you go ahead and read the entire post you will see that I’m just trying to assist you in having the best vape experience that you can have while at the same time remaining safe and comfortable. I honestly could care less about how educated you are. I read that

as that you had trouble understanding it.

If you cant be bothered with reading the whole post and having a knee jerk reaction to someone trying to help then I will back out and you can have your way with other’s answering if you are being over cautious.



Oh I can be bothered , but i don’t skim read. I take my time, to be sure that I’ve read things aright. Your post was long so I shelved the second half until after i replied , or else I might have forgotten what i wanted to say in response. There was a clue in the word “yet”

You, on the other hand evidently do skim read, or else you would surely have grasped the context of that quoted sentence, whicjh was very clear from the previous . .

Now I think that taking my time to read your answer properly (even if that means not all at once) shows a lot more respect for you, than you showed for me, Accusing me of talking “BS” and all that! But if you want to take offence at that, go ahead. I’ve had enough of this little interaction now.


Actually, I sneakily skimmed ahead <—from the “oh bugger it” thread.

You are quite indeed full of BS.


If I was absolutely sure that was intended as a joke, i’d be laughing.
Oh, bugger it, can’t t help laughing anyways :rofl:


I definitely agree with that, I was just speaking for myself here. I enjoy my regulated mod and it keeps me from smoking so I personally don’t see the point.


People are often saying that charging in a mod vs external charger is a bad thing because a mod never charges as good as an external charger… yada yada … apples and oranges.
There are bad external chargers and there are good mods too, so don’t generalize and make everything so black and white. If you see a Smok device opened, I can understand why someone would say that but not everybody vapes on a Smok.

The main reasons why I use an external charger are:

  • I don’t have to wait for my batteries to charge before I can pick up my mod and go again
  • I inspect my batteries every day by taking them out
  • I don’t damage the usb port on my mod that is used for upgrades, changing settings etc
  • when I’d need to (never happened yet), I can speed charge my batteries in an external charger, but usually they’re all charged at max 500mA not to stress them too much.

I am careful with my mods, they don’t fall, drop down the stairs or get knocked about. If that would be the case, invisible damage to the circuitry could occur and safe charging would not be guaranteed anymore.
Actually, this is never guaranteed because it happens on a daily basis that duds are produced and shipped out to customers, both with mods and chargers. The difference is probably that you relatively often hear about exploding mods while never hearing much about exploding chargers.

I used to have external USB chargers from Trustfire. The only indication on the charger was whether it was charging (red) or not (green). I actually had 2 of them, one charged up to 4.22V while the other charged up to 4.26V. Charging beyond 4.25V is never recommended and for prolonged life span of your batteries, just below 4.2V is ideal (which my DNA mod does).

Because the ports of those USB chargers wore out (just like they would on your mod), I decided to get a proper external charger and decided on the Opus BT-C3100 v2.2, simply because it’s relatively cheap, it’s good, charges 4 batteries in 1 go and I can also charge my regular AA/AAA batteries in it. There are a couple threads active right now about chargers, if you’re interested.

Safety, yes it matters a lot. Just like Josephine, I use regulated mods because they’re more than good enough, provide the extra safety (or at least the illusion of it) and especially if you have a multi battery mod, they hit pretty hard as well or at least more than I need myself.
Safety is always in the back of my head but I’m not actively thinking about it all the time. If I see damage on a battery, I’ll fix it with a rewrap or throw them out. I’ll lecture my friends if I see the sorry state of their batteries sometimes (wraps severely damaged, dents and bends), If my mod gets hot, I’ll stop using it even before I get a warning from the mod and I’m not going to charge my batteries on a surface that can catch fire. I know what can happen but i resist going paranoia over it.

Everybody has different reasons of course, but the reasons I prefer multi-battery mods are also because of a safety precaution. If I fire my coils at 90W, that’s basically 30W per battery which isn’t so crazy. Do the same on a single battery mod and it’s pushing the limits of your battery, a lot of 18650’s are even not recommended to be used like this, even though the mod itself could take 100W.


Many thanks for a closely reasoned and informative post :+1:

one question: is there any point in having a charger that can four at a time, when i’ll ptobably only ever want to charge one? Yeah, i do get your point about battery drain, but that can fixed by keeping the wattage low, and switching from “rarely going above 30 W” to never going above 30 Watts. Hmm. I dunno though, you might have actually sold me on dual batteries. It’s kinda tempting anyway, for the extra mAh. I shall have a bit of a think about this.

Oh ! and one minor quibble:

but, then, you very often hear that the mod exploded whilst charging, don’t you?


Actually more often than not it’s the batteries that exploded because people have them in their pocket with loose change and keys. No mod involved at all.
That’s another very important safety issue.


Every time I see people using a single (or even dual) battery mod, I see them walking around with batteries because that 1 (set) doesn’t last a full day. So yes, I’d say there’s always a reason for that unless you never leave your house for very long.
Everybody has different needs or wishes so you should take what suits you best, not anyone else.

You also hear a lot of stories about mods that are not charging, not even being used and in the middle of the night they go BOOM. I never really see the post mortem of these stories and people jump to conclusions about what to do and what not.
The fact is, if you truly want to be safe, don’t vape. And if you do want to vape and be as safe as possible, take out your batteries every time you stop vaping and put the batteries in a plastic box.

I won’t hesitate to charge my batteries in my mod because I know how I treat my mods and batteries, but even then, I won’t place it on a surface that can burn.
I’m not saying everybody should suddenly charge batteries in their mods all the time either…

If you don’t want to know anything about safety or you can’t wrap your head around it all, by all means, get a very good quality charger (as well as a good quality mod) and good quality batteries with spare sets and charge all your batteries in the external charger.