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Mods and safety: am I being excessively cautious?


I seem to one heckova lot more cautious re,. safety than the majotity of vapers on these forums: I’ve never, ever used a mech, mod , for example, and i never intend to use one. and it took me years before I dipped a cautious toe in sub -ohm waters.

There’s a specific reason for my caution , mind. My brain has pretty dramatic ups and downs, and on a bad day, i find i can be quite mind-bogglingly stupid: can’t get to grips with simple maths like Ohm’s Law (which is an absolute doddle on a good day) and, worse, can’t seem to get to grips with the solid, mechanical world…Perhaps the worst- and funniest example was when I once dopily tried to fill my kettle at the elecrical socket instread of the spout! (at least that totally cracked up my son, when he asked me why the kettle was out-of-commission? and he’s gone around telling all his friends)

So, I do try to make things idiot-proof.( And i always do my mixing on “good” days, of course)

I’ve generally bought throwaway mods with integrated batteries, in the past, though the waste grieves me. and i’ve very cautiously gone on to to try the other sort, just single celll ( i don’t need to go up to three figure wattage anyway) . What can go wrong? Well i’m not altogether certain I couldn’t findd a way to cock that up, but hey! they all seem to come with charging ports. So you don’t need to take the cell in and out any more often than they need changing do you? (and I can surely limit changing the battery to good days) And i do know how to store my spares sensibly.

So I think I’m finally sold on that kind of set-up. Do you guys think I’m right to draw a firm line here? Am I being over-cautious, do you think ? or, conversely, am i not being cautious enough?

Must say, I do tend to feel like a big baby when i read about the kit you other guys are using.


Personally I always charge externally on a battery charger. Many people do recommend that. I do like the safety features of a charger rather than using the port on the device.

I am sure many people do use the device to charge their batteries. But I like the idea of taking them out because it gives me the opportunity to inspect the battery, check for dribbles of ejuice because I over drip from time to time.


Thanks for the helpful answer, Chis! That’s exactly the kind of thing i’ve been wondering about? If my “keeping things simple” approach there might actually be compromising on safety , rather than improving on safety.

Would appreciate further advice on chargers, since I’m a novice in this dept.


An external charger and a better one of those is your best, safest charging method. Most mods especially lower quality mods have substandard charging circuitry. However never try recharging at the spout.


Well, I have to wonder how you came to that conclusion. There are certainly less knowledgeable, less experienced vapers that don’t comprehend or adhere to basic safety principals, but I’d bet most of the users here are actually quite safety forward. Using a mech doesn’t imply carelessness.

I personally approach all aspects of vaping with safety at the forefront at all times; from charging practices, cell and wrap condition, build care, nic handling with DIY juice, etc. You’re penchant for being apprehensive doesn’t necessarily equate to you being more safety conscious or responsible.

Sorry, had to say it. Carry on. :sunglasses:


Same here and my head is usually screwed on right but there are so many regulated devices around that I don’t see the point.
I’m a chicken shit when it comes to risk and when it’s not necessary, I don’t take them.

AFAIK mechs came into being because people were dissatisfied with the products on the market at that time. That situation has drastically changed so personally I don’t see the need.
I’m sure loads of people will disagree with me here and will praise their mechs into high heaven but I just keep to the safe road.

If you’re a big baby then I’m one too :baby: :baby_bottle: :sweat_smile:

External charger is something I do use. I don’t like charging batteries in my device :chicken:


Mechs are fine in the right hands. And if you must know, I’ve never used one nor intend to. I like a cooler vape than a mech gives so I like to be able to dial down the power as desired.


Yeah, I know. I just decided to keep my hands away from them. I’m kinda paranoid when it comes to stuff like that.
And like you I also like a cool vape and want to be able to adjust the temperature.


I am too, honestly. Admitting that feels like admitting that you’re scared of a daddy longlegs, but the truth is, vape what you dig. I just prefer a regulated mod.

But, I still felt compelled to respond to @jay210 's categorizing all of us as a bunch risk taking mouth breathers. Pbbbbbbtt!


I don’t think that’s what he said. He was categorising himself as a pussy :joy_cat:


That’s right! But as a she-pussy, not a Tom ( as she she shamefacedly admits to also being a girlie )


Shamefacedly? What ever for? I like girlies very much!


However you enjoy your vaping and how comfortable you are with whatever mod etc… Its all about safety and enjoyment and kicking the Fags !!


yeah, but i’m a post-menopausal, mixed-up, female-hating feminist. ( I had a bad relationship with my Mum, who tried to make me into a barbie doll, with less than zero success ) . Some people actually do like me, but not cos I’m a girlie :rofl:.


I’m just going to delete anything I read from you after ‘girlie’ and go about my merry way. :grinning:


huh? that seems a bit extreme. I might say something nice.
Female-hating was a slight exaggeration anyways. I’ve come around to liking myself a bit, affter a few decafdes practice. and a few other women besides. But the really “feminine” females scare me! They might wanna paint my nails or something.
Anyways, you’re not affected since you’re not female…i assume?


Read as in ‘red’, not ‘reed’, and I was kidding. Blah. Being a dude, I like the nail-painty delicate girlies, but this is starting to get too deep. Besides, when I’m here all I see are VAPERS!


You are safe with me then :sunglasses:



I am getting the mesage here. Can you recommend any good external chargers ? I imagine it would be foolish to just buy the most expensive, assuming that it must be good.

TBH, I actually bought an external charger some months ago, along with a mod, but when i reaslised that I could charge the mod without taking the battery out, I kinda pushed the charger into one or the other of my " Not really needed but might come in handy someday" hoarding places. Can’t recall the brand now., and don’t quite feel like a major clearout ATM :rofl: