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Monster Energy and Red Bull test


Not sure if I’m right at all, except Red Bull to me has a after taste of geranium/rose. Check it out today if you think of it. Cola…hmmmm Capella cola isn’t bad. Guess you could make your own cola. Think it’s lemon, lime cinnamon ? It’s close to that.


FW monster tastes pretty good stand alone.


I got a lot closer to Coke flavor by adding Caramel Candy. It kind of figures since Coke is describes as a Caramel Cola…


I’ve created a ROCKSTAR purple that for my mate was apparently spot on.

I’ll post it here

I’m not a fan to be honest but had to suffer 4 cans of the stuff to create this for him lol.

The black currant is quite strong by cupcake world so you’d need to test and apply your own version if you can’t get the CCW one.

It was adapted from this one in case your wondering.


Cola has caramel coloring to make it dark brown. It does not affect the taste. Coke has lemon, lime, cinnamon and a few other flavors along with the cola nut extract. Capella cola flavor is very good especially when added to a cola syrup with little flavor


unfortunately i don’t have any recipe to give you for this… BUT!!!
i don’t know if posting links is allowed but i would suggest you check this

Bigmouth Liquids - Beast

i tried it some days ago… the taste of this concentrate is really like Monster Energy :slight_smile:
gl and hf


Is this safe? I mean I’ve never heard of anything like it so it makes me wonder


I’m not sure. I never tried it. My post was in the form of a question as well as to it’s safety. Just ran across that info somewhere online and posted the quote from the article. Wondered myself.
Some responses here say the added food coloring isnt good to vape. Others said it tastes like shite. So can’t give you a definite on that. Sorries.


Skullbleade’s test notes