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Monster Energy and Red Bull test


I have always wanted to do a read accurate clone of Monster Energy drink, so I bought Green Goblin FW and Energy Drink TPA. My initial test of Green Goblin at 15% was weak, 20 and 25% were closer, but still not close enough. I have settled on 20% as a base and will experiment with flavors to add to it to get a good clone.

My Red Bull attempt at 15% was good, a little weak and sweet compared to the real Red Bull drink out of the can, so I am going to 20% to try, should be very close. Then I will add a little Sour to try and make it like read Red Bull.

Any ideas of additional flavors to add for Monster or Red Bull would be appreciated.


@Skullblade789 is working on some beverages. Not sure if any of his recipes are posted beverage wise. I’m vaping on his Red Bull recipe now, maybe he will share what he has.


Just from my initial testing the Energy Drink is pretty close to the Red Bull taste. But Monster is going to be a lot harder to get right…


Makes you sound all posh…made me giggle :laughing::wink:


Check out this page or look for Grubby on the recipe side of ELR.


I ran across this somewhere online. Never tried but sounds interesting…wonder if it would be safe to vape??
"Mio Energy E-Liquid? Sweeeet!!! The main ingredient (besides water) in Mio Energy liquid is polypropylene glycol… That’s right PG! Mix it with a little glycerine and you can vape energy! And holy sh*t! It works great and vapes… oh, so smooth! “Give it a try!!!”


I did some more experimenting over the weekend. I think I have gotten it a little closer to the taste of the Monster energy drink. I call it Green Goblin Energy. See it here: http://tjek.nu/r/aLnn


My only concern would be the food coloring in the MIO pods.


When I was in the Philippines, a lot of their flavors had added food coloring. This didn’t seem so bad. Besides, it will make your autopsy more colorful… :grin:


I will have to look for these, looks very interesting… I’m not sure they sell this in Canada, I may have seen them, just not sure… If is a water enhancer, it should be ok for vaping too…


Say what again? The most uncool thing to say dude even if it was meant as a joke!


I don’t think I would go there - dissolves in water sure but that doesn’t mean it is safe.


It was meant as a joke, I just got to thinking about the What the F**k look on a doctor’s face in such a situation. As I was considering colorings at one point after my trip to the Philippines, so many of their flavors use it. I guess it makes them look more interesting and increases sales. A lot of the Loraan flavors seem to be colored too…


My apologies if that post offended any one, I just wanted to add 2% of colorful humor to this topic…


Read the ingredients on the back of a can… I started brainstorming a Peach Rehab recipe and decided to look at the can and it says “Contains: Coconut” on the back… I wouldn’t have guessed that for a peach tea. The can may give you some clues.


True…but many folks from the diy community only recomend the colorless flavors. Just saying.


Do not do the MIO. I did the experiment and it was awful. I did so you do not have to. Blech.


Not sure if you have noticed in the Red Bull drink, but it has a back note of geranium or rose or maybe even a rose geranium taste. It’s different. Try one and look for that taste. Tell me if I’m full of shit


Noted. I won’t try it…


You are probably right, it would explain why Red Bull is somewhat sour in taste. That’ll be a hard flavor to find. My local DIY shop can’t even get a good Cola flavor… Anyone know who makes the best Cola? I want something close to Coke flavor if I can get it…