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More confirmation


This article confirms what we already know. Vaping does NOT lead to gateway smoking in young adults.


The absolute stupidity behind this lie has always baffled me. One tastes like delicious yummies and the other tastes like shower farts and burning. Its one of the big reasons why i switched in the first place.

Thanks for posting this!


Thanks for the post :metal:


Absolutely. Thank you for posting this article @robin

  • “More importantly, 85.81% of the study subjects stated that the wide array of flavors available were important in enticing them to switch to vaping and quit smoking.”


Chasing the perfect ADV is what kept me off the smokes, each new flavor put smoking further into my past and also keeps me DIYing so i agree.


Shower farts, pray tell? :slight_smile:


He’s just saying he’s got air in the pipes… :laughing:


Thank you for posting this! Good to see some of the other countries haven’t been bought yet and can still do meaningful research, the way it’s SUPPOSED to be!


:nerd_face: never heard that before, meaning the ‘analogy’ - see what I did there. Fnarr, fnarr.


Would someone please go beat the San Francisco City Counsel with this sentence(preferably wrapped around a very large hard object) until they see just how phenomenally stupid their recent “flavor ban” is?


Worse than cabbage farts by a country mile!


By far the worst, Vape/smell analogy, was from someone on an another site saying - it was like vaping Jimmy Saville’s ghost, best/worst one ever :slight_smile:


After having been 100% smoke free this long, the smell of cigarettes is utterly vile. What amazes me is that I inhaled that shit for over 30 years.

I still say everyone should see this movie - part funny, part alarming

@robin thanks for posting that link!


Funny how that works isn’t it? I personally can’t stand the smell of them anymore. Mentally equating the stinkies with the maladies that I no longer have because of them has helped a ton!