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Hi I’m OSO GPC2012 is my person. I have CHF (congestive heart failure) and I have to take two meds twice a day every day. The Lasix is cheap and daddy doesn’t have problems getting that one but the Vetmedin take costs over $80.00 a month. Daddy has to buy all my food and mommy’s stuff too. It’s really impossible for him to buy the Vetmedin every month. I’m in line to be put on a special program but we don’t know how long that is going to take. I have enough medicine until next week. If anyone wants to help me get my medicine just contact my daddy. I hate to ask but we don’t know what else to do.


Does your Daddy have Paypal? PM me your email addy and I’ll pitch in.


This was posted 20 hours ago and only 1 response? :confused:


@GPC2012 As sad as this is, I cannot help you, I hope that you can find a way though :thumbsup:


hey GP, I’ll pitch in send me your paypal addy fella, every little bit helps eh


Hey Thanks Grubby I appreciate the sentiment :smile:


Hey GPC, I was looking around for you. Good Rx compares pricing for meds and lists the best deals and I found the Vetmedin for 34.50 (50 tabs) from mail order pharmacy. I know what’s its like, my sons Growth Hormone retails for about $900 a month. Try searching on Goodrx, they compare pricing both locally and for ordering your (or your pets) medication online and is a great way to find deals.


I never thought of this till just now if you wanted to send a check directly to my vet I’ll get you his info and you can just let them know who the patient and owner are.


Yeah I know I found it too, but my vet is dragging his feet over it. They aren’t quite in the 20th century at his office let alone the 21st. But Oso likes him and tries to bite the only other vet in town. If I can get the internet pet pharm to call him and initiate it he will do it but none of them want to do that they all want something from him first. @Amberina Believe me I know my wifes meds just topped 5000 for the year and put us in the donut hole for our medicare carrier. Now I’m paying even more


Oh that blasted hole. I used to work in the pharmacy many years back when I was certified, and trying to explain to patients that had hit it, but were unaware was heartbreaking, and that was for the few that actually understood it. Not everyone knew what it was. I had a similar time with our Endocrine office, so I made a compromise (concerning the Rx), the mail order pharmacy allowed me to fax them the Rx that the doctor had written. It should be easier, honestly, because the work you have to go through to get some medications is just insane.


beginning in June (or very unlikely but possible) July the manufacturer of VetMedin is going to cover part of the cost of Oso’s VetMedin, I don’t know what the program is or how much but I know I’m very relieved. I’m also so very grateful to all who have helped out it has been a godsend to have friends and family like you. God bless each and every one of you that even wanted to help but couldn’t your heart is in the right place and in his own grumpy way Oso loves each and every one of you. I’ll keep you updated as soon as I know you’ll know :smile:


That’s great news! :balloon:


Yeah it is I just wish I knew exactly when it was going to begin. I’ve got enough Vetmedin to last Oso till Wed morning. I’ve got plenty of Lasix that shits cheap