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More unexpected downtime


Hey guys,

I just came back from late christmas shopping with the wife, and chilled a bit of television.
I logged on to see my favorite mixing crowd and discovered the forum was down :frowning: Even more unexpected downtime.

It seems I didn’t stop Digital Ocean from performing backups on the forum, just the main site. Well, they decide to do a backup earlier, and apparently the forum didn’t like that so it went down. I’ve restarted it and am presently disabling backups to later implement the same backup I did on the main site.

It also seems I didn’t set up monitoring for the forum, otherwise I would have gotten an SMS-message when it went down. I am setting that up now as well.

I hope I didn’t ruin your friday :stuck_out_tongue: Mine was OK, until I went online :confused:

Anyway! I hope you have a great weekend, and I’m sure I’ll talk to you here :smiley:

Your red-eared admin,



I was wondering whats going on haha! Ill let it slide this time! Just kidding its alright. Thank you for putting it back online!


I can stop weeping into my vape now, hehe.

Good to see its back up and thanks for all your work, daath!


Sweet. I was having withdrawals! Thanks daath!


I kept coming back and eventually it was up again LOL


Ok, backups are disabled and monitoring is active. Now I just hope both sites will stay up, or at least go down when I’m near a computer and can do something about it! :smiley:


I was otherwise engaged and only just found out it had been down, so no problem here :relaxed:


Yup…totally missed it this time. For shame, you mean you actually do something OTHER than hang out with us and watch over the site 24/7?? :wink:


For me, the site is one of many important parts of my persona. For you, it means much more. Your doing a great job by my book, hang in there.


stops holding her breath Whew!!!


Didn’t ruin my day…but it did give me time to reflect and consider the possibility of getting a vapors anonymous sponsor.

You’re the best @daath, and we do appreciate all you do.


My best friend was the IT guy at the race shop I used to work at. He could shut the place down with his cell phone. Don’t you guys have cell phones over there? :smile::sweat_smile::laughing::innocent:


Wondered what had happened. Couldn’t log on yesterday, missed you all. :scream:


I do, and I’ve used it to salvage servers before - but for more serious work, I need my workstation :smile:


I figured as much. You techie guys are all the same. I wish I could get him to quit analogs and start vaping so I could get him here.


Ha thought it was my service this whole time… Figured something was up when I kept getting bs fbook updates delivered… I Really need to turn those off haha


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