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Most helpful single flavor


My vote is Milkstone. Thanx to et3rn1ty. A must have in any flavor stash.

Does anyone have any good single or double flavor recipes?

What do you mean by most helpful?

I can say that my fav single flavour is FA Desert Ship.


FA Fresh Cream. Useful in virtually every recipe.


Alright NewDrip, I think you’re cheating. Milkstone is actually numerous flavors made into a flavor base. Technically a single flavor with the end result but still multiple flavors. Let’s make this a little harder for you. Excluding Milkstone, what flavor do you find most useful? I actually find this to be a difficult question and will chime in as well…


Well again, faced with choosing a single, or only a few flavors that I find useful. I use so many flavors as accent flavor that I find this question quite difficult. I use the heck out of FW Hazelnut and their Caramel Candy. I use a lot of TFA Caramel (original). I use Kaluha & Cream, Sweet Cream, Bavarian Cream, Banana Cream for accents. But, MOST useful, hmmmmm…

OK, since I do not use a actual sweetener in blends I’m going to have to say FW Marshmallow. Most blends I feel need sweetening I will add Marshmallow because even though I also use the heck out of TFA Cotton Candy (EM), the Marshmallow gives a better mouth feel (texture) to the blend. So there you have it, my semi-most-helpful single flavor…


It’s 1 unique flavor with multi purposes. It’s a real time saver to. If I couldn’t use it though my next would be Strawberry. It seems to go with everything.


Most helpful as in multipurpose. Like a bailout out wide spectrum flavor you can use in a lot of different recipes. An absolute must have flavor.


I haven’t used much fresh cream and I don’t see it in many recipes. I need to try it out and see what I’m missing.


Being you are using the Milkstone, possibly nothing, however, as Milkstone has a unique flavor, so will other creams. For those who prefer creamy mixes it’s good to get to know the cream flavors. I do tend to lean toward creamy mixes but do have to go other directions as well. Have no choice with a shop.


I have to agree with @langertony45 - Cream Fresh (FA) is so versatile - It adds creaminess, smooths everything out and lessens any harshness and not much else. It’s a must have :smile:


I do know what you mean. I have a blend I call Vanilla Extreme that came out quite a bit like Suicide Bunny’s OB. I should be blending it up as a base. Maybe one of these days I will being I like it on the creamy side…


For me so far it’s EM.


Is EM a flavor or flavor enhancer?


Does the cream fresh work right away or does it need steep time? Just in case I use it in a shake n vape.


EM makes juice smoother in low amounts, sweeter in higher amounts, some use EM as the only flavoring in their juice so it’s really both.


I use Cream Fresh in shake and vapes as well as steep-juices! :smile:


EM tends to mute other flavors over time though - so don’t let your concoctions sit unvaped for too long :smile:

Definitely Don't when DIYing

I’m glad I posted this topic. I’m getting real good tips here. Thanx


Hmm this is a tough one probably a toss up between cream fresh FA and Marshmellow FA they both can really help you out.