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My first mixes! + a question


@fidalgo_vapes It’s just something I do to make sure the liquid is as runny as it can be prior to shaking - sure I read it on here somewhere :joy:

Erm… @JamsGrumpyGills - if it is the Nic causing the TH, then you don’t really know what strength it currently is (without using some sort of titration kit to check). The simple answer would be to mix up the same recipe with no Nic and dilute your existing recipe with it until it’s working for you.

You might wanna wait for some other suggestions though. :+1::grin:


It’s PG 100%


That’s seems like a very simple solution. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that!! It makes total sense.


I can’t imagine the somewhat tiny increase of PG from the nic base would cause such a harsh throat hit to say, a 30ml mix (if that’s the amount you’re making?). It could be the “quality of the nicotine” in the PG base? Now, I’ve never used ECX nic base, so I couldn’t tell you what to expect; you’ll have to do some research on what others have experienced with ECX nicotine.

Buying a titration kit and actually using it to test your nicotine is always a good idea. One should start there… then move on to other issues. Purchasing or requesting nicotine samples from other vendors is a good thing to do as well…

There’s plenty of Nicotine talk right here on ELR:


But, there are other sources as well:

Quality nicotine can solve a lot of issues, with regards to throat hit. :wink:


your probably using VG base as well im assuming of course , i use pg for my base since i vape 70/30


Everything I write looks like a comic book reject did all the pen work. My script is abysmal-I blame my 2nd grade teacher for trying to get a lefty to write right-handed. Since my injury, even my block letters look like an epileptic chicken walked through an ink puddle!


No, I use PG base. I’m just an overly extra-cautious gal :laughing: