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My first mixes! + a question


I had a blast making these mixes. I started off using the one shots for Bronuts, and Funfetti OG, and then I used some high rated basic recipes: Strawberry Fog, Bombies 'nana Cream, Geography, and Green Goblin. Very excited!!! I do have a question, so I mixed quite a bottles, should I have an expectation date in them or how do I know when thy go bad?


Just keep them out of extreme heat and sunlight and they should last for a good long time. Chances are you’ll vape them long before they would go bad. I’ve had juices sit for 6 months + and they were still fine. I just recommend putting the “made on” date so that you know how old it is.


Oh! And congrats on your first mixes! So exciting!! :grinning:


Nice job! – I also put the created date. I figure they are good for 6 months to a year, but they don’t last that long.


Welcome to the party. Most juices that I make dont last more than a month or two. I found that switching to DIY allowed me to get in to crazy builds that really eat a lot of juice without worrying about cost.

With that said, I do have a few long steep juices that I make and don’t even touch them for six months. I vape them for 3-4 months before they are gone and I’ve never had an issue.


What beautiful writing you have! :heart_eyes:

Ditto what the others have said and congrats on the mixing sesh :grin:


Thank you!!!


Welcome to the Rabbit Hole! In addition to the date, I also like to write the nicotine strength and VG/PG ratio on my mixes. Of course, if you’re only mixing at one strength and one ratio then you’re golden and don’t need superfluous info cluttering up that beautiful script. Enjoy!


I do the same thing! I switch pg/vg levels depending on what I have on hand that day. And now I am starting to lower some of my nicotine levels (Yay!) So, I like to know what I made, if it’s perfect and want it the same, or if it needs to be changed. Also, if the recipe calls for a specific steep time, I usually try to add that as well, if it fits. I bought amazing, inexpensive labels on Amazon for essential oil bottles that work so well, fit a 10ml bottle and up, and they are waterproof. They work really well for bottles that you reuse all the time with the same recipe, because they hold up.


Got a link? :grin:


Girl, you know I do. I love Amazon Prime!! Actually, I cut the rectangles and ovals in half for 10ml or 3rds for 5ml. But, I will have enough for a long time!


Omg. Those are soooo cute?!! I might get those for my blue glass bottles. Do they peel off okay?


Thank you! They look so nice on blue. brown and clear glass bottles! Because they are waterproof, they need a soapy bath, some goo gone for sticky residue and then alcohol to remove the goo gone. Or, a fingernail or plastic scraper can do it. I wish I had nicer handwriting though! Maybe I will make a template and start printing them. If I do, I will share! :blush:


Need some more help:
I am using nic from ecigexpress. I bought the 36mg. When I made my mixes, I followed the calculator very closely, measuring my nic first in my bottle. It was clear each time I used it. I was mixing for 3mg which is what I buy from the premium e liquids. I’ve been getting a super harsh throat feeling that I’ve never got before. Im mixing 70%vg. All my bottles are stored in the dark and in the cool. I’ve kept my nic in the refrigerator.

thoughts? I don’t want to throw away all my juice. :sob::sob::sob:


Did you shake the living bejesus out of the Nic bottle before using?

And did you bring the Nic to room temp before shaking the living bejesus out of it?


thats the first thing i noticed , my hand writing is so bad sometimes i cant read it so i always notice nice writing


i never knew this , see you do learn something knew everyday


I shook it up reallllllly well, but I didn’t bring it to room temp before mixing. :expressionless:


I think it has to be that then. I remembered I mixed my very first bottle without nic, and that isn’t giving my any harshness.

Is there a way to fix the juices I’ve already made?


Is your Nic base PG or VG?