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My first Order...went a bit overboard lol


Excuse my typing and formating, this is on a phone.
I just started diy a month ago and started mixing up test batches to taste the flavor’s I’ve only made 2 good flavors so far. They are bolth 2 flavors a piece but I like them, find a flavor you love don’t go crazy just that one flavor then build on it and see where it gets you. I am not experienced this is just how I’m finding my flow. People in this place love their pie custrd crust baked sugar crack, I’m a simple fruit man I like my fruits and an occasional candy flavor, (not putting down the awsomeness everyone makes) is just not my cup of tea. Probably will try,a couple eventually…


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Yeah, that’s what I said… :rofl::rofl::rofl:
But, I don’t create my own juices, I just make what others have posted.
It’s fun, and different, and I really like having 40+ different e-juices to try out,
but so far, only 4 are in the daily rotation.


Yea yea, that’s what we all say. Just before we diver deeper into the rabbit hole…

Only 4 ?

Want to borrow my vaper-aid case


I don’t know if anyone mentioned it, didn’t see it in a seach. But a good scale is one of the best investments I made when starting DIY. Place your bottle on the scale, Tare it, mix, and shake. No syringe mess, no guessing drops, just quick and precise measurements.


Yeah, I just started DIY in May of this year, and I’m still experimenting with everyone’s recipes. I thought I liked creams & custards, but I don’t as they’re a bit “heavy”. I thought I liked fruits, some yes, some no… So I mix some recipes, SnV them, let them sit, visit them in a few weeks and see if they’re worthy of another mix, or move onto something else. Just experimenting with all the different profiles. Eventually, I’ll SF test and try to mix something, but for now, I’m fine. Haven’t thrown anything out, so it’s all good.

I like your case. Might have to do something similar - keep an emergency stash at work,etc…


doh doh doh …another one bites the dust… …and another ones gone, and another ones gone…


What’s the 4 in the rotation? My flavor profile likes seems to be similar to yours… considering your posts above


This isn’t an uncommon topic and maybe should be grouped together under one umbrella.


Not a problem you would have eventually ended up with that many plus more ! I’m up to like 160 flavors and there are still more I want to get.