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My Flavor Rack now it's complete


I added LED lighting to my flavor display rack now it’s completed!


Sweet! :+1:


Nice but if I was you, I’d look at using Nic River to purchase some of those flavors…


I will do that Tut thanks!


Thanks! Appreciate it! Makes me want to do some mixing!


Nice job one the setup. Now it’s time to fall all the way into the rabbit hole. Where will you put your next 20 flavors? Lol.


Sadly, the lil froggy and other knick knacks will have to go soon


I was thinking that too… if he has 1 more shopping spree where will they fit ! You gotta build a bigger rack @Steve-o_54 but it is really nice !


LOL I still have 46 in plastic containers no room for them, time to consider wall racks actually I need to stop buying this shit !


Yup evicted as today


one more shopping spree and I’ll probably be divorced wife freaked when she actually could now see
just how much I have bought lol


Looks fabulous :smiley:


Thanks Lolly


I’m already thinking of how and where to expand lol


Above it will block my “I Love Me Wall” stuff I have stuff on all my Den walls I’m screwed!


We all do that shit don’t we! The I love me wall. I have mine peppers thru the house so you can’t go in any room without seeing some achievement of mine.


Hey no one love ourselves like we do !


It never ends, the buying of concentrates and storage issues that is. :grinning:


Your are so right


@Steve-o_54 MAN, a LIGHTED rack !!! ???

I’m liking that, very much.