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My Flavor Rack now it's complete


Steve, what make/model of lighting did you buy ? I want some for a closet.

I like what @Sonar505 made. Just customize the height and depth to your cabinet and add them as needed. Really clever.



Thanks, rechargeable and motion sensor. Perfect !


I like them a lot .your’re welcome


Nice, really nice…thanks for sharing…:smiley:


It looks amazing. I’m jelly!!! :grinning:


Thanks Organized FINALLY!


Waauw so Well organised congrats :+1::+1::+1:


Thanks mixing is so much easier when you’re organized !!


Nooooo! Now u need to just accept you’ve been in denial and give in!:rofl:Wonderful (expensive) addiction lol I try not to say this out loud usually but, nice rack!