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My GPRIV 220 Mod Exploded!


Thank god your ok. That looks nasty. :scream:
Looks like thermal run away for some reason, just glad your ok brother.


Wow…glad you are ok @Salsawy :+1:


thank u :slight_smile:


@kungfoogorilla thanks alot :slight_smile:


thanks @daath :slight_smile:


thanks @Jayrell :slight_smile:


thanks @Pattie :slight_smile:


I’m thinking an unwrapped battery? I’m glad you aren’t terribly injured!


Did you take the wrap off after it happened or before? Just outta curiosity? I am glad your not seriously injured :face_with_head_bandage:!


When I bought my LUC V4, I didn’t realize that it was an eFest product until I opened the shipping box. Once I saw their name on it, I was still a bit hesitant to use it, but it had gotten so many positive reviews in multiple vaping and (To a lesser extent)electronics forums that I decided to throw caution to the wind. To be honest, I’m glad I did, as it’s been a much better charger than either of my Nitcores. After their folderol with Mooch, I’m even more hesitant to recommend the LUC-Perhaps I should do so with a caveat in the future…(Not trying to be argumentative or snide-Can’t seem to get an “Honest Talk” feel to my verbiage as of late)


I missed (or have forgotten) whatever happened there. If you have a link, I’d love to read it!

Nah man. Your doing just fine! Didn’t sense any tone at all.

Text is a bear sometimes. I also wasn’t trying pointed with you in particular when I said “why would you think they would do different with another product?” (paraphrased) but just trying to get the point across that there’s a huge difference between the occasional “oops! We had a design flaw on this one!” to the “What’s the max it can do?.. OK, put that on the label if you think it will help sell more!”

Kind of like the old cheap car stereo amps that were rampant in the 90’s. That “240 watt” amp in reality only put out 30 watts (even though it was 30w into 4 channels, since power is not cumulative, it’s still only a 30w amp). But nooo, let’s say each channel would deliver 60w for 1 second @20% distortion before the channel blew up. Well, 60x4=240w! Slap a sticker on it! and SELL, SELL, SELL!!!

Anyways. It’s a burr in my particular bonnet because I hate to see folks get ripped off. And in this case/application, potentially putting their safety at risk. So I can come off a bit harsh, or outspoken to some (OK, even downright loudmouth once in awhile lol) but it’s because of what I’ve seen, and views that have been formed/shaped as a bench tech, as well as a consumer.

So take it with a grain, or for whatever it’s worth, depending on the relative situation. But I always try to speak more to the facts (as I see/know/understand them) than the person or their choice(s).

Personally, I think the best brand of charger out there, both for the money, and safety, is Opus. :wink:


While I would trust his ratings implicitly, for the battery he tested the problem is that when it comes to re-wraps you don’t know if the battery you’re getting is at all like the one he tested. If he were able to sample a lot of a particular re-wrapped brand regularly I might trust it. But since he doesn’t have the resources to do that… you don’t know if what’s under is re-wrappers wrap is the same as what Mooch tested.

Legit batteries are cheap compared to most other aspects of vaping, and they are actually cheapest at some of the most reputable sellers. I just don’t think this is a place to economize (though of course I don’t know that this is what caused this particular incident.)

I’d also note, looking at some of the other responses in this thread, that the calculations involved differ a lot between using a regulated mod and a mech mod. The mod here is regulated, so assuming its electronics are even minimally doing their job, the resistance is less important than the wattage in terms of Amps drawn. At what charge the battery is safest will also differ.


This is really weird to see, the batteries should’ve held up just fine. I personally use a IPV Vesta 200w. I use 2 3000mah 35a, but when all of those die I use some really crappy batteries (I mean super crappy like 300mah crappy) and I push my mod up to 150 maybe a little higher.


Again, I completely agree. All the more reason to not buy 3rd party “no-names” in my opinion. If it’s not a legit battery, from a 1st tier source (EG: LG, Samsung, Sony), then I won’t buy it.

I don’t care how popular mxjo, Efest, or whatever brand gets, at what given moment, or how many they’ve sold, I’ll stick with those that have a proven track record in manufacturing. Not simply strong sales and brand recognition. :wink:


Well, I think we are in complete agreement then ;). I’d also add (though it has been said before in this thread) that it’s really important to trust your source of batteries. There are a lot of counterfeits out there. You’d think getting them through Amazon would be safe… IMHO, you’d be wrong.


Like everyone else has stated, I too am glad you still have use of your hands. By the looks of the battery I’d have to say thermal breakdown and lean more towards faulty batteries. I can’t rule out a defect in the mod though. Vendors nowadays seem to want to make as many mods as fast as they can and quality control isn’t always a primary concern. I find it strange that the mod didn’t immediately shut itself down.


Regulated mods can only do so much- one thing I don’t think they can reliably do is figure out if your batteries are up to the amperage you’re drawing from them. I like to recommend a Pico with an LG HG2 battery to beginners, but I do have qualms about that. The Pico goes to 75 watts, and I would prefer to not try that with a single LG HG2.

The people I recommend this to are beginners, and don’t need 75 watts. I worry though…


Here’s the link to the reddit post where Mooch calls out Efest. While I was searching for this(And banging my head against the keyboard because RCS was being prickish) I came across this comment where Mooch states that the chargers sold under the Efest banner are also “rewraps”(Pretty sneaky, Efest!) That’s all that was said, however. He never expounded on that claim, which is a bit of a letdown as I’d prefer to purchase the charger with the ACTUAL manufacturer’s name.

As to my apology(?Dislcaimer? Caveat? Plea? Snivel? Who knows? Point. Moot.) It’s not that I perceived a “tone” within your statement, more of a waffling upon mine. I recently had a few words with some users while on another forum and I guess the incident has left me a little more trigger-shy than normal. I’m not a big fan of conflict, be it IRL or in the digital realm. Some days I can wax eloquent, some I’m about as graceful in my musings as a rabid grizzly on roller skates. I completely agree with trying to help people not get taken advantage of-In the three years that I’ve been active on /r/ecr I’ve (mostly) only tried to help people improve their vaping experience. Vaping saved my life-If I can help one or two people along the way then so much the better!

I’ve heard some great things about the Opus. When and if my LUC V4 goes all “Bill the Cat” on me, I’ll definitely keep that brand in mind-Cheers!


Appreciate the link to the Efest debacle!
Upon reading it, I do remember it all, over a year ago. Thanks for the effort in sourcing it again!

Well, not really “sneaky”, but more of an established practice for decades now. If you remember Realistic (Radio Shack’s house brand), MCS (JC Penney’s house brand), and others… They were frequently rebadged name brands, that included everyone from Pioneer, Technics, Panasonic, and on. The only way you would know in some cases, is to have been a repair tech in that era, because they were often custom batched to order. Other times, it was pretty blatantly obvious, because all they did was change the nameplate, and once in awhile the “silk-screening”.

Regardless, I share your sentiment of wanting to stick to the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for the most part, but sometimes the deal lies in the “off-name” if and only if you know what to look for. Which is why, when it comes to recommending things to others, I generally keep to the “standards”, unless I’ve confirmed it for myself firsthand, or through another tech (type) that I know and trust.


I agree fully but I wonder if there is any effective way to know what you are getting. To me marketing ethics is the ultimate oxymoron. Ya, way back when New York Carpet World started selling carpet by the square foot rather than the square yard. Looked like a great deal. Audio manufactures started publishing Peak to Peak power stats instead of RMS. And on and on it went. This industry is surely not void of those practices. Siegelli kills me. “USB upgradable” and the board traces are absent. In a twisted sense it doesn’t matter as they never planed on having upgrades, just new mods.