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My GPRIV 220 Mod Exploded!


no it was burnt !


Way back in the early days of my vaping I purchased my first “real” mod an Innokin SVD I purchased two red Efest batteries with it and a LUC charger. The company I bought it from and TBH I don’t remember their name included an AWT battery with it as a freebie with a little not asking me to give it a try and let them know how it works. Since that time I’ve been through bunches of batteries, and have never purchased anther Efest. The AWT lasted much longer per charge and out lasted the Efest batteries for longevity. When I buy now I get LG, AWT or Samsung batteries. Never had a problem with them. I only buy my batteries at one of two places IMR batteris or Illum Batteries.


Back in the day, I liked the size of the 18500
and could only find Efest ones.
Used them alot with ( kayfun,1.5ohm,Nemesis)

Switched to Vappower 18500’s later.

Only problem I ever had with the Efest was when I
got my first Stingray ( 18650/18500/18350 clone ) and the switch stuck and things
got just a little hot…:astonished:


That’s what I was thinking man thx and hope this doesn’t deter you from vaping!


I always wondered how Radio Shack was able to have such a wide selection of products!


Pffft been running 2 Efest since the beginning of time, no issues…

Buy from a reputable dealer and treat your batteries with care and you should be fine, cheap out and you’ll end up with black hands…


i had almost the same thing too today with these batteries (Efest 3000Mah 35A)
hopefully, no explotion, no damage to mod … no nothing… hadn;t seen this post before…
and i describe what happened here

i feel very lucky that BY COMPLETELY LUCK i noticed the battery indicators… and checked the batteries… i guess if would stress them more some bad thing would have happened while i was vaping at about 110 Watts with a ,15Ohm coil… really glad that you and neither me got hurt.

the problem i guess is the batteries and not the mod or the build… even on Regulated devices the batteries are still dangerous… if it’s the mod itself i guess this forum, reddit, youtube and any other soccial media would be full of warnings from other users or whatever… it you had done a faulty coil the mod should warn for atomizer short, it wouldn’t fire the coil or it would prevent you from using it since they’re all almost full of protections… but batteries can always give the best chance to cause a problem…


@Salsawy Glad you weren’t hurt to bad dude it could have been a whole lot worse i’ll never use efests batteries. Guess you will be in the market for some new batteries and a mod can’t help with the mod but I have a great place to buy batteries. https://liionwholesale.com/


Wow, I’m using my G-Priv right now! with Efest 300 MAH!


I actually got rid of my Efest batteries after reading this thread. I’ve had no problems with them but better safe than sorry,
Only LG and Samsung for me from now on.


"i had almost the same thing too today with these batteries (Efest 3000Mah 35A) "

It’s worth re-iterating, I think, that there is no such thing as a 35A 18650. There’s sure as hell no such thing as a 3000Mah 35A 18650. If a company advertises that rating they are flat-out lying. If you get your batteries from companies that flat-out lie about their specs… well, I wouldn’t do that, personally.


You should add Sony to your list too. The VTC5A (2600 mAh) and VTC6 (3000 mAh) are rated as some of the best batteries out there. I use a lot of LG and Samsung batteries too, but the Sony’s are my favorites.


Ok, I’ll try posting it here. Really want to know?


yep… though the thing is that are resports that efest batteries have started venting etc… even on 14A m8… this is really really bad… efest has really gone over the line for real…


Just bought some of these to try them out. Thanks for the recommendation.


Mooch is THE man when it comes to all things battery. He saved me some serious troubles when I first started vaping. Dumb-ass me bought some protected cells from Amazon for use in my Slug Mod and Innokin SVD. I’d been using them in the SVD and was going to go back to stacked 18350’s when the Slug came in, but got learnt REAL quick.


I’m an EE (from back in the stone age when they had tubes) and I learned a hell of a lot from Mouch. Light bulbs started coming on. In my head that is. Kinda, sort of, so to speak.


What was your “tube specialty” if you don’t mind me asking?
Audio, video, RF?


Can’t say I have a specialty, but I worked more with RF and audio than I did video.


You might appreciate this. Audiophile car amplifiers hand made in California by Tru Technologies. The sound is so warm and amazing.