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My intro and questions


there is a section that asks what nic amount just put 0 and then the calcualtor will do all the work


Just set desired Strength to zero and it will have no nicotine


so go to create recipe , then where it says Desired strength put a 0


way better explanation ty


Np, we all here to help…


I’ll give that a go. Thanks!


mightvape lol , have you decided yet ? weather or not you will vape


Thanks so much to both of you who have responded.
I’ve since added a recipe to the other section of the site :slight_smile:

@fidalgo_vapes - yea man, I’ve been vaping since December last year. It seems my account is on hold though. Any idea why?


My first post has been ‘flagged by the community’ - WTF? because I wrote the word sh*t when referring to the smell of pipe ash perhaps? Isn’t this meant for a mature audience anyway?
Hmmm :unamused:


your account is on hold ??? i do know that it will take a few posts b4 you can do certain things in the forum but as far as an account being on hold we will have to summon

@JoJo @woftam or @Ken_O_Where

these are the moderators and can answer these type of concerns anything else dont hesitate to ask any of us and welcome


by the way, it’s ‘mightvape’ because my online name is ‘mightlife’, but I thought I’d mix it up a little for this site.
Here’s my YouTube channel , check it out if you are into unconventional synth music (or motorcycling - older videos).



The system flagged your post it wasn’t anyone here first post should be unhidden and the topic should be visible now. Since you introduced yourself and asked a question I won’t merge it with the introduce yourself thread.


You’re very welcome to merge it. TBH, I couldn’t find an “intro’s” forum/ thread.
No worries.


welcome back


Found it now I guess :wink:


And then ya go and say “WTF”…man you inna a world of shit now!


Welcome and glad you joined. Zero nic here, so your not alone.


Welcome @mightvape. Vaping isn’t always about quitting smoking. Oral satisfaction is soothing …and while nicotine is a stimulant it can also have a calming effect. For me, vaping helps to not yank shitty drivers out of their vehicles in traffic …which has been a big plus for Society as a whole. A-hole cuts you off or almost crashes into you by rolling their stop sign? …the old Anger Mgt. advice was “count to ten”, but I just take a couple puffs …which is 5X more efficient. So you see from a Scientific standpoint Vaping can make your life up to 5 times more efficient and can end Global tensions!

I vape @ 2mg nic


Not familiar to mixing :expressionless:. Absolutely new to vaping. Can you guys suggest me what flavor should I have start with and what nic strenght?

Starting flavour