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My juice Sux!


Lately all of my creations suck. I think i have lost my magic touch.I am a fulltime student and,work full time, so needless to say i am stressed the F"'ck out. Does stress affect mixing abilities? Has anyone run into this problem? Thank God for you guys. My ADV as of late, have been your mixes. For which i am truly grateful BUT it is so frustrating.


Stress affects everything!! Maybe take some older recipes that you already know are good and fancy them up a bit! That would give you something new without all the trial and error (aka more stress) of developing brand new stuff.


Yes, great idea. For the past few weeks my mixes have been just horrible.


Yeah I think we’ve all been there. It’ll turn around!


Been there. Before I lost my job, when we were shutting down the site, my mixes suffered greatly. After a week or two of unemployment the pendulum began to swing the other way. Give it time and follow VapeyMama’s advice. You’ll always be able to take a crack at new recipes during school breaks or summer vacation. And of course you could always try the recipes of others and then adapt them to suit your tastes.


Im hearing you… this happens to me too! sometimes, it doesnt matter what I vape - an ol’ faithful or new it just tastes like s**t! I get to thinking its just vapers tongue, but then, i think it cant be coz i can taste everything …it just tastes bad.
So, considering there’s no other option, I just roll with it & eventually it seems to pass (…thank God!). I hope it does for you too!


honestly 50pct of my recipes suck lol , and very rarely do i nail a good recipe the first time theres always a V2 , but i hear ya yes stress screws everything up , i stopped creating new recipes in the middle of this year due to stress and real life happenings … youll get through it try creating simple 3 to 5 flave recipes again


Yeah, i hope it does pass. Thank you


Thank you. I am going to try to keep my recipes simple. I think 2-3 flavors will do for now.


Stress can affect anything. It can make things worse for sure. I love to subscribe to…kiss (keep it simple stupid). If you need to create something new, keep it simple. Pair things up that should work well together. Stay away from florals, chocolates, and crazy creams.


I’m having this problem at the moment as well, being stressed kills creativity, and it seems like even simple mixes require creativity to come to life:(


Yes,Ii know. It sucks !!!


@robin All Art is a Mess until it gets perfected, framed and hung in the right light. Fear not ‘suckage’ as it is the path to Serendipity. Because you struggle to mix a perfect recipe on purpose today never means you can’t nail that Masterpiece accidentally. Well Talent, skill, and careful note taking helps those odds, but statistically that makes many creative (and scientific!) ventures into a Numbers Game …meanwhile enjoy an adult beverage and chill …oh look a cloud :girl:t5::wind_face::wind_face:


I feel ya. Full time student and single mom. My solution? I pretty much quit mixing my own recipes. I just can’t be creative when I’m stressed out and pressed for time. It IS frustrating when you feel like you have all this potential and supplies just sitting there begging to be turned into something delicious. Cest la vie. I tell myself eventually I will have more free time that doesn’t involve feeling like I should be studying for something. LoL.


Lol lol, yes yes exactly.


Truuue. The post we don’t wanna read is titled “I suck at getting my degree!”


Lol yes, very true


:hugs: for you!

Things will turn around beaut.


I know the feeling Robin what if you just make a few one or two flavor mixes until / if you are less stressed (if that’s even possible) you will have made a few good juices have something good to vape and that may help get your mixing mojo back … just a thought that’s what I have done maybe it might help you


Add some CBD to your next mix! :wink: