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My ONLY negative with the Real Flavors SC concentrates


Not a bash, and barely a negative, but something I noticed after a few weeks of receiving my two BIG RF SC flavors. All flavors were 1oz. bottles with caps that appear to have cones which should offer great seals. After a few weeks of setting up single flavor testers (shaking the concentrates before mixing) I noticed a few of the bottles would spray little dropletts when shaking, then a few more. Really cranked the lids down to no avail. Walt eluded to the fact that there had been some caps that were changed, so perhaps both my orders were the “happy” lids, but unsure. I also noticed that my flavor lab was MUCH more, … ummmm, … FLAVORFUL when walking in so I’m passing this onto the crew here, as my experience to you. I’m in the process of moving all my RF SC’s into 30ml clear PET bottles, which will eliminate the FLAVORFUL-ness of my mixing lab, provide better sealing, and eliminate the dropplet ejection when shaking them up prior to mixing. The BEST part is, the original labels come off easy, and go right back on my new PET bottles.

Love the flavors, and even the very few that I wasn’t blown away by, are far far away from a dud, so no complaints about the flavors at all, just have to tweek the storage a bit.


Pics or it never happened…


Another thought that I left out. If you can shake and some flavor leaks out, I would assume air could be leaking in, which could lower the shelf life. IMO another reason to move them to nice, tight containers.


THAT is a very good point, but now you have me all paranoid about my flavors losing, well, flavor! Lol

Haven’t had any issues with my bottles and I shake them to holy hell before opening and mixing them. Perhaps you had a few duds?

Nonetheless, a good thing to bring to everyone’s attention in case they are running into this issue.

Good choice on the PET, I hear they are kind of volatile to other types of plastic. Do you refrigerate them?


Well I didn’t mean to stir any dissent, or worry, just stating the facts. Walt eluded to the fact, that maybe I got the older caps, which had been replaced, and entirely possible you wont have this issue. I’m moving them to PET 30ml bottles. Don’t have enough room in the backup (b33r/vaping) fridge to store them all, might like to in the future. I have close to 300 flavors now, so I’d need a big fridge LOL.