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My three year anniversary


Quitting is not easy… vaping probably saved my life, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without it!


That is absolutely hilarious. :rofl: You are very close to a true story my friend. I wasn’t a Baptist minister but I was a minister. Even went to Seminary. I do have a degree in Theology and Church history. I was indeed a minister for 15 yrs. The rest is close except for the clap. I didn’t sleep with the hookers, more like a pimp, of course, no one called me that and I was good to the girls. The downward spiral is true, no doubt about that. Also, it wasn’t blow, I wish it was because opioids are way worse. 4 years clean thank you very much, of the opioids, everything else has been a lot longer.

BTW if there is anyone that has been clean and or is struggling with addiction, there is a private group that we have to help each other. DM me if you want to be a part of it.


Good work Steve-o. I just celebrated (sorta) 5 years without “stinkies”.
I am 63, started smoking when I joined the military. I believe the hardest thing for me was to give up the “hand to mouth” part of the habit. Vaping fixed that for me. Keep up the good job and good decisions.


I’m 60 and on my sixth year of no smokes congrats


Congrats on your milestone anniversary steve-o. Here’s to a healthier life :beers:


I can tell the same story mate and gradually I reduced the nicotine until now I vape absolutely nicotine free, no dependency whatsoever That’s how I can thank Vaping, never thought it possible, good luck to you


Congrats, thank you for sharing the inspiration. 1 year for me so far.


That’s awesome ! A great feeling isn’t it?


Exactly… NOTHING worked I tried it all and failed it was vaping and my love for mixing plus a lot of determination is how I succeeded
Thanks Bro…


Tell your mom she will fail every time she tries to quit “cold turkey” IT DON’T WORK ! Vaping at least for me works .


That is fantastic 5 years wow outstanding Yeah started when joined the Navy.


She has 8 wks cold turkey. I won’t tell her it don’t work because anybody with a strong enough will and intent can quit. As long as she quits and she isn’t trying chantix then I will route for her.


Hey Dan
I apologize what I should have said was I tried cold turkey many times… and I failed every time good for her that’s awesome!




Congrats @Dan_the_Man !!!


No apologies necessary, we have interacted enough and I have seen your posts to know what you meant and the fact that you are apologizing re-enforces that fact.

I couldn’t quit without vaping either and I have tried and tried and tried to get her to quit via vaping but she just wouldn’t do it.