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My three year anniversary


I just went over three years of no cigarettes, not even one! I did it at 62 years old I smoked for 43 years Thanks to vaping!


Congrats on your accomplishment!


That’s the Kind of stuff I like to hear. Great job.


Congrats! And here is to many more years of being smoke free.


Congratulations! Keep on keeping on!


Nice! Keep rawkin’ brother!


That my friend is a truly awesome achievement, congrats.




That is a great milestone mate !!!


Congratulations that is awesome


Congrats mate thats awesome. :call_me_hand: :+1:


congrats. to coin a phrase.

Tis the season to be vaping !


Congratulations on your Milestone :raised_hands:


Way to go, Steve-o!


Same here, three years ago next week… (@ 57) I only wish vaping was invented before… but still.

I tried to give up once and lasted for a couple of years, but I fell like an idiot, you know how it goes… only one after a drink with my mates on saturday…


Congrats bro. Wow you kept a 2016 New Years Resolution?! Impressive.

Not to miss the point that likely other Officially “promoted” methods of smoking cessation had failed you previously …like patches, gum, or pills etc. Can it be long before Big Tobac starts selling some e-cig based device openly classified as a method for Smoking Cessation? Glad you didn’t choose to wait the last 3 years for that approval …smart, because it’s gonna be a few more years. Heh, none of us did! Kudos to you sir on your Anniversary!


@Steve-o_54 Awesome!!! I wish I could get my mom to do that. She insists on cold turkey, which I believe this is her sixth week so maybe she can do it this time.

@Iv3shf I have an Idiot story also. I started smoking at 36 yrs old… what a dolt. So I only smoked for 7 years but I still found it almost impossible to quit.


Why? What were you thinking at that age to start?


Congratulations!!! Sorry @Jerry13…is for @Steve-o_54


Dan was a fine minister in the Traveling Baptist Tent Revival until a very unfortunate stop in Las Vegas. Smoking, drinking, hookers, blow and possibly a case of the clap caused this downward spiral.

Luckily he gave up smoking for vaping.