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N.E.T Creations and Reviews (Naturally Extracted Tobaccos or Teas)


It is a local pipe shop in Chambersburg, PA. I went in there and got some pipe tobacco and let it sit for 5 months. I always shop local when I can.

They have a ton of cigars and pipe blends.


:wink: …few more for the cellar:

…except the War Horse Green; that one is going in a jar as soon as it hits the doorstep. :sunglasses:


Somewhere in this house is an unopened tin of McClelland’s Christmas Cheer from the year 2000. Sucks I can’t locate it, but I’ve always been bad at hiding tobaccos from myself that I want to age. So 16 years old plus at this point - I’d say it’s ripened by now :slight_smile: If only I knew where it is.


Well, if you find it, I’m sure you can fetch a nice chunk of change for it on a pipe forum. That stuff sells out pretty quick when it’s on the market…

Too bad you didn’t cellar a few pounds of Esoterica Penzance… people will kill for that tobacco. :flushed:


Yeah… it’s been a little too quiet on this thread. :smirk:I’ll see what I can do about that, now that the summer doldrums are in full effect where I work. So, for starters… pretty pictures, with some explaination of what’s in the jars and press. :grinning:

Tobaccos used:

Samuel Gawith ~ 1792 Flake

Dark Fired Kentucky

Samuel Gawith 1792 Flake is a legendary, full-bodied mixture of deeply matured Virginia and dark-fired tobaccos which are pressed into a cake with is further matured under pressure and steamed until dark. The cakes are sliced and finished with a tonquin dressing for the characteristic flavor.

G.L. Pease ~ Stonehenge Flake


Stonehenge Flake is a wonderful traditional flake comprised of bright flue-cured and sun-cured leaf from Brazil, Zimbabwe and Malawi, with just a touch of Malawi Burley added for a bit of body, and a slightly fuller flavor. Then, we added a hint of genuine St. James Parish Perique, for its special piquant contribution. Once blended, the leaf was steamed, hot-pressed into blocks, and aged, to allow the flavors to meld and marry.


The Stonehenge is a re-release of GL Pease’s original 2001 bombshell of a pipe tobacco, from what I’ve read in many tobacco reviews and forums. This will be a NET to be savored!

The Sam Gawith 1792 will be quite the heavy hitter NET, as dark fired tobaccos are characteristicly stout. The tonquin top coat will be the kicker… unlike any flavor I have experienced to date… quite enjoyable! The Gawith/Hoggarth Black Irish X led me down the tonquin trail the first go round; can’t wait to experience it in a dark fired version.

These macerations are PG versions, having a warm start (+/-125 degrees for 8 hours) in my $10 rice cooker. :grinning: Then, the maceration will be topped with a bit of PGA to aid in releasing some of the other flavors in the tobacco, which the PG can’t accomplish by itself. The macerations will then sleep/steep for a few months in a cool dark closet while the magic takes place!


Dang it! :roll_eyes: Forgot about the press!

Peter Stokkebye ~ 24 Nougat

Black Cavendish

Peter Stokkebye No. 24 Nougat is a classic Danish-style aromatic made of bright Virginias, white Burley and sweet black Cavendish. What makes it so unique is the combination of vanilla and chocolate flavors that give it a great room note and a subtly sweet taste.

This is one specifically made for my wife! :kissing_heart: She is trying to wean herself off store bought flavors and head towards the 100% NET realm. I’m more than happy to help her move into the self sufficient world of DIY mixing.


I managed to get my hands on some Peter Stokkebye, they didn’t sell it here but they got some 4th generation specials out now :joy:

Light and slightly aromatic, the 1957 blend showcases natural Virginia
sweetness and a creamy vanilla/toffee room note.

This slow burning mixture of golden Virginias, sweet and soft mild black
Cavendish, light Burleys is our celebration of our family’s 100-year
anniversary in the tobacco business. Finished with a French nougat and
almond nut top dressing.


I’m doing a test tank of Jim’s Red Virginia Ribbon NET, at the moment. Very good on it’s own. I can also see it as a primary tobacco flavor, in a blend, with some complimentary flavors mixed with it. :+1:

I just finished a tank of the Flavora NET prototype with a dash of INW 555 Gold mixed in. What an awesome combo. The Tank Mixer strikes again!


I’ve recently found some pretty good combos that way! :sunglasses:

On the other hand, sometimes I go about it another way… D&R Ryback Regular turned out to be quite the one dimensional NET vape experience; good, mind you, but just needed something to give it a life. I broke out the beaker, mixed the Ryback (30ml) with a combo of partially vaped bottles of PS Optimum 31 (15ml) and Standard Bengal Slices (10ml) and BAM! That was the golden ticket to a wonderful ADV. :wink:


Well, those sounds and look De-lish! All except for the not so yummy photos on the tins! :scream: Who’s idea was it to put gross pictures on tobacco packaging? :thinking: …the “No Fun Ever!” folks. :rage: Harrumph!

That’s OK… we know the tastiness that resides inside that tin… sans combustion. :wink:


The pictures didn’t even register in my brain. I’ve become an expert in blocking out ads and stuff :laughing:


I have high hopes for your PS tobacco buys! :sunglasses:

Even though my mix on the PS 24 Nougat is only 24 hours old… the casing flavors on this tobacco, vanilla and chocolate, really shine through! :grinning: Other tobaccos I’ve tried with top coats [i.e. C&D Bob Bushman (coconut) and Sutliff Sunset Rum (rum)] didn’t result in favorable outcomes… they will need to be enhanced with synth flavors. It’s not the end of the world, but I was hoping for more out the tobacco than I got. :smirk:


It’s going to be a long wait :drooling_face:


Hi Everyone !

I thought I would introduce myself. I discovered Vaping in its current state of advancement purely by accident, and was amazed by the technology and current state of things. My background is 35 years in industrial chemistry, now retired. Not in food or flavor chemistry, unfortunately, so I do not have much to add to that here in this thread, as you guys are obviously waayyy far ahead in that department. We made various precision high energy devices, so if you want to know about explosive bolts or air bag initiators, I’m your guy ! But, the kind of thing you’re involved in here, well I haven’t a clue. So, if you don’t mind, I’ll just hang out here and absorb your knowledge over time !

I have smoked cigars for many years. So, immediately, when I saw how far advanced vaping has become I thought, “I have to give that a try”… Only thing was, I was (very surprised) to mostly see the flavor selection from the desert plate from an all nite diner. You know what I mean, custard and apple pie. I did not understand. As a cigar smoker for all these years the last thing I could visualize was inhaling apple custard pie!

Then I found this thread and this forum. Whew! Now, I am as happy as a tobacco beetle in Kentucky !

I might ask the stupid question from time to time. Please be patient with me. Here is a pix of one of my humidors that shows my beloved Jose Marti Nicaraguans. I have smoked thousands of these over the years, and just last week I sacrificed two of them to a food processor, you know what I am up to with that. We will see how it goes. With the help of everyone here, I am sure I can fast track to a Nicaraguan Vape !


Welcome aboard @50YearsOfCigars! :sunglasses: You are in for a nice surprise.

I started out (2014) mixing with synthetic flavors, not knowing there WAS such a thing as naturally extracted tobacco liquid. After much research and hundreds of dollars worth of synth concentrates in my flavor stash… I found out about NET. :grinning:

Since the fall of 2016, I’ve been DIY NET 100% and will never go back to synth concentrates ever again. In short… there is NO synth tobacco concentrate which properly mimics real tobacco… end of story. :smirk:

With a stash of cigars like you have… you’ll be in vape heaven for the rest of your life! :sunglasses:


I don’t get the dessert vapers either – I’m big on florals myself tho and almost nobody seems to get me-- but as I’m cutting out my cigs and pipe – I’m gonna get some NET started myself this weekend. And Earl Grey tea. . .cause I mean. … c’mon. Good luck, let us know how it turns out.


Welcome aboard the NET adventure, I promise you won’t be sorry :+1:


I can’t believe I have not heard of this. I love my coffee and I have a little Italian espresso maker, but I am getting two of these.
one for my coffee and one for my NETS. Of course that is when I start doing NETS. Looks like I got a lot to learn.
I can’t wait to try some


ok I gotta ask

What is PGA?


Pure Grain Alcohol