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N.E.T Creations and Reviews (Naturally Extracted Tobaccos or Teas)


All legit questions! :grinning:

I will dig up the info I have on this topic… so, just stand by. :wink: (Too much info to keep in my little cranial cavity)


While @Kinnikinnick is digging I will give you a bone right now. Pipe tobacco and cigars are (for the most part) not mass produced like cigarettes are. Fewer people use them and usually cigar and pipe smokers do not inhale anyway so I guess it doesn’t really pay to put additional shit in it to keep people hooked. People who smoke pipe or cigar are usually picking certain moments to enjoy their product while cigarette smokers smoke constantly during all sorts of activities, not for enjoyment but for a fix.
I’ve also read somewhere that the stuff used to keep pipe tobacco moist is PG

Nope, it is totally different. RYO tobacco is very fine compared to pipe tobacco. It is cut up in much larger, thicker strips.

Next to none, I always add nicotine to my NET just like I do with synthetic concentrates.

I’m sure @Kinnikinnick will come up with a wealth of additional information. :grinning:


Hehe… just got back from my “honey-do” run for my lovely wife, but @Josephine_van_Rijn found the exact article I was going to post for you! Done and done! :grinning:


Jeez, and here I was thinking you’d throw in some more info for me to learn from :thinking:


I’ll see if I have a few more nuggets of info tucked away in some bookmarked crap. :thinking:


Thank you sir for helping out a chronically lazy person :sweat_smile:


@woftam So NETS are pretty easy. There are multitudes of extraction methods. So here is what works for me.

Pipe tobacco I usually get from a local business because I support the local shops when I can.

Tobacco I get from a source called “One Leaf”. I think that is the name. International I have no idea. I usually get something called Virginia Flue. It is close to cigs, but sweeter.

So now what do you do with the tobacco? Easy if it is whole leaves cut it up and put in PG. Let soak for about 4 to 6 months. So the pipe tobacco just put it in with the PG.

Container is anything you do not mind using again for eating again. Make sure it has a lid.

After soaking and you are ready for extraction there were many ways to do this. I use a siv that is only used for tobacco. I also use several coffee filters to filter out the large particles. This method will allow some small particles through. It is okay, because you will filter two more times. Once on the final filter you will have your NET.

So what do you do with the NET? Add it as you would any flavoring. You can add other flavors to spice it up. Custards and Bourbon work really well.

Any questions just PM me and hopefully get them answered for you.


@Kinnikinnick @Skullblade789 @Josephine_van_Rijn

Thanks for all the information certainly enough there to let him know that we may well be able to create his favourite flavour in a juice - thanks heaps - he will just have to be patient :grinning:


Glad to help.


That right there is the key! It’s hard when you start out making your first batches. :grimacing:

I will say that the cleanest NET extract comes from an ethanol based version. It is a little more work, but the outcome is fantastic! There is a thread on ELR concerning Ethanol extracts and a few even longer on ECF (where I got most of my knowledge about NET extractions); many talented and forward thinking individuals on the ECF NET threads.

My NET maceration version suits me just fine and dandy… relatively fast and painless. Most of them are PG based, 8 hour heat assist start (120-150 degree crock pot), 1 month cool closet steep, twice filtered with (about 20 micron) coffee filters, once filtered with a 2.5 micron filter… mixed at 15% in a 50p/50v 6mg nic base.

If your friend is needing something with a cig quality… I’d lean towards a tobacco blend with a heavier Burley factor; this provides that nice throat hit which comes with the combustion factor of real tobacco.

One of the important things to remember when producing NET… choose a quality tobacco. Garbage in… Garbage out. Quality in… Quality awesome NET vape out! :wink:


Excellent advice thanks - i may try an alcohol extract after reading up a heap more - cheers



Personally I’m not a fan of the alcohol extract, but that’s just me so don’t let it bother you. I just don’t enjoy the taste of it as much as I do with PG . I just use PG now and do cold extracts. I leave my pipe tobacco’s steeping for around 6 months but with cigars I’ve found they could do with a still longer steep, so I’m aiming for a 9 month period. I draw out a syringe of liquid every now and then when it is steeping to make some liquid as a testbatch and then decide if it’s done or could benefit from some more steep time. That stops me from filtering too early and also gives me some juice while I’m waiting for the finished product. :wink:


Nice condensed find… :grinning:

I’ve read Farslinos findings a while back, but it was a slog! Bullet point findings are awesome! :sunglasses:


Yeah, I do tend to get bored with those too :weary:


…was going to start a new thread on cellaring tobacco for the future of your NET pleasure, but I figured, meh…

As things are starting to get dicey for future tobacco purchases, I figured I would cellar a few tins of the good stuff… starting now! :wink:

Now, if I can just keep my hands off of them for a few years! :rofl:

… fortunately, smokingpipes.com has a 10% discount going on right now… for those of you who are located in the U.S.

Stock up before your favorite choice of Dunhill is no more! :scream:

And… if you’re a lover of Syrian Latakia… well, with conditions in their current state, it’s going to be tougher and tougher to get your hands on that product.


:laughing: exactly, the ones I just bought will not, cause I never had them before so I’ll have to try them and decide if they are worth stocking up on but I will make more purchases before D-day.
I’m vaping the NightCap now even though it is morning :grin: Made a testbatch after a 6 month cold steep and the stuff is not only very good but also very strong. I could easily mix this at 5% and have an excellent flavour. Same goes for the others that I’ve tested. 6 months is a long wait, but I will use less concentrate and the coil gunking will be less too. So in the end it’s a win win. :yum:


Welp… I just scored a $10 rice cooker at the Salvation Army thrift store… love that place! :wink:

At least now my wife won’t be bummed 'cause I’m hogging the crockpot all the time for my heat assisted macerations. :grin:

The rice cooker holds a low temp of +/- 120 degrees… perfect for starting my batches.


My new babies just born:


Awesome looking juice! :smiley:

So, can you expound a bit on the Boswell’s Pipes, if you don’t mind. :sunglasses: