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N.E.T Creations and Reviews (Naturally Extracted Tobaccos or Teas)


Good idea, unfortunately my body decided that it cannot handle coffee anymore so I just ordered the one :unamused:


oh noooooooo, that would be horrible!!! you poor thing. I hope that never happens to me.


I looked, also, at aeropress, but too expensive! I have one of these instead.
Only $12 on Amazon


Interesting… I have never read those forums. I haven’t the time to wade thru 30K irrelevant posts just to read the occasional one on the NET topic of interest to me. FYI, pressure assisted filtration is done all the time in both the analytical lab and in industrial chemical production operations. . Like I said, I just don’t have the time to read forum posts by children that haven’t a clue about the subject matter.


No. I just dump what unfiltered extract is left in the aeropress into a beaker while I change out the filter, then pour the extract back into the aeropress and go again.


:smile: :+1: thanks


That tool looks nifty! :sunglasses: Let us know how it works out for you.

I’m on the lazy and patient side of life… I just pour my extract in the aeropress and walk away until it makes it through the filters by gravity. On occasion, as I stated above, sometimes the filters just get too clogged up with tobacco sediment and I have to replace the filter to move the process forward. Some tobacco macerations are just more prone to clogging filters than others.

I find that tobacco which I must initially hand rub before putting it in the jar is prone to being a bit sediment heavy in the filtering process; goes with the territory.



Bulk tobacco, which has been cut/pre-rubbed and ready stick in a pipe, doesn’t pose as much of a sediment issue.



Oh… these weren’t children on the forum posts I was reading… these were full grown “adults”, just acting like children… the type of “adult” that:

  1. Can’t look at anything through an objective lens or see past their own nose.

  2. Can’t accept that everyone has an opinion.

  3. Can’t get past their own opinion that when dealing with others, “I’m big, you’re small, I’m smart, you’re dumb, I’m right, you’re wrong… and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

There’s a lot of good info out there in other forums, but, every once in a while a thread picks up some shit on the bottom of its shoe… typically, it can get cleaned off by the other real adults on the thread and life goes on. :sunglasses:


I can see myself making home made noodles. oh ya


Does double filtered mean filtered once through two filters or filtered twice through single filters?

How long does winterization take?



This :point_up_2:

I’ve pretty much eliminated the 2nd 2.5 micron filtering; one 2.5 micron filtering is sufficient for most extractions. :wink:

Roughly 3 or 4 days; every tobacco extraction is different. If you aren’t happy with the amount of precipitate matter which has collected at the bottom of the container, you can always leave the extraction in the freezer for a longer period of time.

This DIY NET thing is all about what works for you. Trial and error is our teacher! :grimacing:


Got it.
Again, sincere thanks.


The alert came on, that there was activity on this thread, and it took me by surprise. It had been so long that I had forgotten I had the alert on! I haven’t reactivated the NET gear yet, but it’s great seeing the resent surge of interest & activity. I have to admit, it’s whetting my appetite…lol.

I’m actually doing some of your C&D Izmir Turkish, @Kinnikinnick … It’s my favorite of your samples. Very good stuff!

I FINALLY found a dinky little dripper that doesn’t make me gag from the intensity. It’s the dripper version of the Kayfun Mini 2.1. Took a gamble on a couple for $4 each. I hated it as an RTA. It’s a leaky PITA that oozed all over and was a huge pain to fill. Has one of those spring loaded check valve fill ports.

I happened to notice something in the microscopic manual that mentioned ‘build for dripper’. It’s right up my light weight MTL alley. I’ve wanted a dripper to test flavors & mixes for a long time, and finally found one I can handle. It’s also a breeze to rewick & burn. I have fun flavor hopping with it. I have the Izmir Turkish in it now.

I’ll eventually get the gear back out and make some NET. The Izmir Turkish will be at the top of my list, when I do.

Have fun getting your first batch going @vaug . Have patience and ye shall be rewarded. It’s nice seeing the recent activity!


Very much looking forward to it.


Hopefully, the whole leaf Izmir Turkish Oriental I just received will be just as good, if not better! :sunglasses: I’ll keep you posted.


Here’s what I use for my juice tester" SXK Hadaly Style RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer - Silver, Stainless Steel, 22mm… easy to wick, build, I put a 3.0mm 316L single contact coil and rayon. works like a dream. About $12 at at 3Fvape


Thanks for the recommendation. I had actually given up finding one that was tolerable. I had probably tried 6 or 7 different ones. They were all just too strong, and made me gag & cough. Maybe heat was part of the issue. I tried spaced coils, contact coils, lowering the power (I never go over 10 watts on any of my gear), Adjusting air, tighten it up, more air, different drip tip diameters. I couldn’t get a realistic sample of the flavor I was trying to test.

I have to assume the KF Mini 2.1 works so well, because the deck is just like KF Lite + RTAs that I really like (only smaller). The air feeds from directly beneath the coil, like the KFL+. I don’t get much run time off of it, maybe 8 to 10 vapes from a few drops on the wick, but that’s enough to give me a good idea of the flavor, and it’s an accurate reflection of what to expect from my tanks. The vape is virtually the same.

I’m just glad I have a quick & easy way to test flavors now. I do appreciate the tip on the Haladay, thaough. Always nice to get a positive recommendation on gear.


@d_fabes & @Kinnikinnick Hey you guys, I have an extraction of this (the C&D not the whole leaf…) using my “patented” 3Stage extraction techniques. PM me if you want a sample for comparison… Here is my taste notes on it: " Nice Turkish with good tobacco body, does not have the aromatics like PS 84Turkish - and it is more dry, and slightly woody character as a base note vrs the PS84 Turkish,"


Uhh, I have a question for you: These were NET samples right? -and- The samples were not the pure maceration right? I mean you were dripping a tester sample made perhaps like, for example 3mls 50/50 PG/PV mixed with 1 ml of the maceration extract under test?


A few of them were NET samples from Jim. The samples were pure maceration that I mixed at 15 & 20 % with my usual base which is 45P / 55V. I treated them like any other flavoring, other than increasing the percentage.

I’ve had the same overpowering results with commercial synthetic flavorings like Hangsen, INW, etc. Those are usually sampled at 5% to start.

No, I wasn’t vaping 100% maceration (or any other flavorings), if that’s what you were wondering.


ok got me further down the hole i go… now i was looking at aeropress, what would be filters i need, cant find the i see the one for coffee is it good, i saw here somewher someone was using 300 or les mesh filters…