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N.E.T. ~ Real Tobacco Flavor in a Vape Juice


If you like a tobacco vape, then you will not be disappointed with NET. :wink:

I started my NET ventures back in ‘15 and I’m still enjoying discovering new tobacco to macerate. That’s the fun… there are SO many tobaccos and blends from which to choose!

I’ve primarily been macerating pipe tobacco blends, thus far; really enjoy most of them. However, I have a cart at leafonly.com loaded with a few whole leaf single varieties. I’m doing my reading homework/research prior to hitting the buy button. :wink:

For starters, if you do go down the pipe tobacco road first, steer away from the flavored or “cased” tobacco blends. Look for the “Non-Aromatic” tobaccos; straight, unadulterated Virginia, Burley, Latakia, Izmir, or Perique, to name a few. These will give you the truest taste of the tobacco without being muddled by other flavors. To be honest, I have found that most of the added flavors or casings rarely make it through to the final extract.

The straight, non-aromatic tobacco types (or blends) can be purchased, by the ounce, at an extremely low cost; around $1.50 to $3.50.


Thanks guys for the info. I’ll keep reading up for now. Sooner or later I’ll give it a try.


Hey @Kinnikinnick
I have a few questions if you don’t mind. How on this forum do you quote parts of peoples posts? So that the orig poster is included? Apparently I am being ignorant here…

I looked around on the Leaf Only site. I see mostly by the pound sales. Do they have any sales by the oz or less than a pound? I did see some items that could be ordered by .25Lb. But not all. Is there anyone that sells by the oz that you know of? Don’t want to buy a Lb of something I might not like. I figure a pound would last a very long time.

And it looks like cold maceration would be easiest but slow. I also gather that cold processes might have the best flavor. What are most of you guys doing or are you trying out out all methods? I see use of heat to speed things up, using solvents like PGA along with PG etc. I am ready to buy some leaf and just put it in a jar with PG and let it go awhile. Then worry about filtering and all that. It looks pretty simple to me and I want to give it a go.

Thanks man!


Highlight the statement/words you want… you should see a “Quote” box below… click Quote and BAM… done!

Quarter pound is as low as they go.

Not whole leaf. But, you can purchase pre-cut, single varietal type and blended tobacco by the ounce from most online tobacco vendors.


I use a few different methods… however, the easiest method to start off your NET journey would be as listed below:

NET ~ PG version:

Here’s a bullet point version of how perform PG macerations:

  • 1 oz of tobacco in a jar with 150ml of PG or until you top the tobacco with PG.

  • Warm jar for 6 to 8 hours at no more than 150 degrees. (110 to 130 is best)

  • Place jar in cool dark closet for at least 30 days (longer is better for cigar leaf).

  • Strain maceration extract through a coffee filter at least 3 times; 2.5 micron scientific filters are best for final filter.

  • Mix at roughly 15% ratio with base mixture

  • Enjoy!



Thanks! I’ll give it a go.


@Kinnikinnick has already give you excellent sources but I want to give you this link as well… Type in"BULK" in the Search Box WIndow… They have excellent customer service and you can buy usually as little as 1 0z from their “bulk selections”

Some tobaccos will extract much faster than others. Your pure leaf Burleys and Virginias will take longer and may require some technique and patience. For a very fast extraction to get you started (vapeable within 2 weeks!) I would recommend try:

Missouri Meerschaum: American Patriot 1.5oz
Product Number: 003-673-0004
Unusual for a pouch tobacco, American Patriot is built around Latakia, with quality Virginia and Turkish Smyrna added for breadth, and a bit of Burley and black Cavendish to ensure good burning characteristics. A light top note of Kentucky Bourbon enhances the aroma, but is kept in small enough a quantity to not effect flavor.
Blended by Russ Oulette for Missouri Meerschaum.


Oops! Forgot to mention the word “bulk”, when searching for 1oz selections; thanks for catching that. :grinning: … makes it a lot easier to find what ya need.

I’ve heard good things about the Meerschaum, but seems like every time I had a cart loaded up, P&C was out of stock on the American Patriot. :smirk:… popular stuff, I guess.


I have just mostly given my business to smokingpipesdotcom, as P&C is always OOS on everything, and their ‘backorder’ system is a pain as it leaves you hanging out with ‘open orders’ that fill or not into the future. Just my 2cents. :crazy_face:


Thanks @50YearsOfCigars ! Exactly what I’m looking for, and I’m going to try that American Patriot. I’m excited to try this out. Is that 2 weeks using the method @Kinnikinnick posted above?


Went ahead and ordered the American Patriot and McClelland: 2015 Virginia-Perique Flake blend 1oz. Kind of like shooting in the dark here. Pretty much the only smoking that I did was various cigs and an occasional cigar so I haven’t a clue of what blends and flavors actually taste like. Other than from ejuice flavorings and I don’t know how those stack up to the real deal. Probably not well is my guess. I don’t like the Virginias that I have tried so maybe I’m already off track ordering a Virginia blend. But what the hell going to give it a go!

Quick question: Once you have your NET concentrate how long will they keep? I ask because it appears that I will end up with more concentrate than I will ever be able to use!


Ya never know until you give some of them a try! :grinning: I wouldn’t discount this tobacco just yet. My guess would be this Va/Per will be a very pleasant, easy on the tastebuds, but flavorful dessert type tobacco vape. I’ve macerated a few Va/Per blends and have enjoyed them all. They make for a nice morning, “wake up” vape or nice when you have those sweet tooth cravings.

I have a NET acquaintance who has macerated this tobacco. I’ve reached out to him for information on his maceration process. :wink:

PG has a shelf life of roughly 2 years.

The key to long term storage of extracts and mixed NET is; airtight glass bottles, minimum headspace, protecting them from sunlight (UV) and keeping them cool, the cooler the better. When kept at room temperature and in a dark place they can last for years; no doubt longer in the fridge.

I’ve yet to need and try it but, I highly suspect stored in a freezer, they’d last for decades; just my humble opinion. :wink:


Yes, follow @Kinnikinnick directions, especially pay attention to the limit of 130F , He is the expert on what I call the “Hot Bump Start” for PG macerations, I believe he invented the technique… get a good quality thermometer. Do not let the temp creep up on you and never let it approach over 145F !!! Flavor profile and the various parameters that change them (like temp and extraction solvent) are not discussed nearly enough in the forums.

Yea, also on the AP the 8 hours will be fine, even 10 or 12 on that particular one is fine, just watch the temps and keep it 130F not higher !!!

After two weeks you can extract a little (1ml) sample from the top of the jar, then mix it with 1ml of PG and 2 mls of VG in a little ant cup and test drip it on a 15w single coil like a Hadaly or something. During these tests you will be looking for developing strength of and developing flavor profile. It comes with experience, so I know this is going to be a hard part for you starting out making your own NETS, but if you think it is OK and needs to go to the next stage which is to finish and filter, you might consider cutting the batch in half and returning 1/2 to a smaller jar (1/2 pint) and letting it macerate for another two weeks and then test that one again later,. In the meantime you can be enjoying your first NET !

One of the hardest parts of getting going on NETs is understanding the element of time in all this, many mistakes are made trying to get results too fast. Sample, wait, sample again, wait, over and over again is just part of the process doing its thing. The juice will tell you when it is ready. Also make careful notes on paper or computer. I give each batch a Number which is on the Jar and record my progressive testing notes as I go along. For me, this is invaluable information.

A couple of simple and very inexpensive testing tools will help you with that sampling process:

Topwel 2ml 5.3" /13.5cm Plastic Transfer Liquid Dropper Pasteur Pipettes Pack of 100
Link: http://a.co/1GhvxK7

Ant Cups:
Polar Ice 125 Count Jello Shot Souffle Cups and Lids, 1-Ounce, Translucent
Link: http://a.co/6lrCM8d

On the AP sample, I suggest you use the entire as delivered pouch of AP (1.5oz) and at least 200mls of PG. in a 1 pint mason Jar. This will give you enough “working room” and allow for plenty of 1ml sample testing over a period of weeks.

Here is a picture worth a thousand words showing the stuff you need, including my oldie but goodie DNA 40 HCigar which I picked up at a garage sale for 20 bucks and a clone Hadaly RDA.

The Heat source you see in the picture is actually a Ultrasonic unit, but that is a story for another time, it also just serves very well as the hot water bath to maintain the necessary 130F, please note the Klien Instrument thermocouple temp recording device, but you don’t have to go that fancy, just make sure you have a reasonably accurate thermometer and a way to control the process temperature bath. You will probably use a rice cooker or cockpot (if you can control the crockpot temps, as they are known to run too high!!!)


Yeah… my original crockpot ran about 150 degrees on the low setting, with the glass top off. It was all I had at the time in the beginning, so I had to be mindful during the heat assist process. My rice cooker runs a steady 125 degrees, glass top on… glorious! :grin: Stick’em in and walk away!


Which rice cooker do you have, Trying to find a affordable method for this step and most crock pots are to high and temperature setting for rice cookers are limited to expensive ones, A yogurt maker runs 110-115 is that to low?


Got a Cuisinart at the Salvation Army store for $10. I love thrift stores!

Meh… I wouldn’t say so. Try it with the top on and see if that boosts the temp any higher. You could just increase your cook time a bit, if you find you need it; long, slow, and low heat proves to give nice results. :wink:


Hey guys,
My tobacco should be here by next Thursday. I have what I need to get it done. Reading through some posts on a forum I found a guy listing favorite tobaccos to extract who mentioned the McClelland: 2015 Virginia-Perique Flake blend. Doesn’t mean I’ll like it but that one I’ll go with a 1/2 batch. For slow cookers I think what I have around the house will work. The wife has a fancy slow cooker that has a lot of controls and I figure there’s a way to run low and slow on it. Is it worthwhile to get a French Press for initial filtering? Saw it on a YouTube video. 1st French Press then on to coffee filters and then something finer.

Also the consensus seems to be that with NETs I will be building coils more often. Is that your experience?


Building no, dry burning and changing cotton yes.


Thank you for the help it is appreciated.


@Josephine_van_Rijn has been in this NET game for a while as well :wink:… she answered your question dead on. Dry burning coils and wick changes are pretty much a daily routine for me. If you go easy on dry burning the coil (slow pulsing burn off), the coil will last a very long time.

People use different methods, however, here’s mine:

Stainless steel ricer for the rough squeezing of the extract from the tobacco maceration. Aeropress for fine filtering of the extract. :grinning:

She probably has a candy thermometer as well… good item to have for testing heat level in the crock pot during the cook.


Business as usual then but more often with NETs it sounds like. I have never tried spaced coils. I wonder if they will stay cleaner longer than the close wound coils.