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Need a good blue raspberry


Have been using FW blue raspberry and I am not liking it too much lately. I wish it was a little more blue raspberry flavor. I also tried TFA and that was okay but before wasting a ton of money searching for a better one I figured I would get some opinions.
Thanks :grinning:

Let's talk about "blue raspberry"

Personally I like Real Flavors’ Blue Raz


Yes the blue Raz is excellent. And 20% off this weekend.


I cant seem to get much flavor out of SC Blue Raz by RF, what % do you use? I want to like this flavor SO BADLY but have not had any luck with it. Also, steep time?

I too did not enjoy FW Blue Raspberry after a certain time, and was heavily considering trying TFA’s version. I hear it is strong though and can come off as very off-putting if used too high.


Thanks, I will give that a shot!


4 to 5. It works for me.


skull are those percents working in many of the rfsc flaves ??


I think so, but I am a bold flavor guy. I like all my flavors bold as hell. I am not a muted flavor person. I want in your face fuckin flavor.


im asking because ive been testing at 2 to 3 pct more in the 2 range and the taste is almost there im thinking of 3.5pct to start the ones that seemed weak , i just tried Strawberry Milkshake will post opinion today


I really think 3 to 3.5 is a great range for SC. Again that is just my opinion.


thats what im asking for :wink: i think so as well notnon all but the ones ive tested that need that extra something i believe is lack of flavor percntage BACK TO TESTING UGH


Welp, after not having much luck with RF SC Blue Raz at 1.5% and 3%, I am about to bump it up to 4%.

Been on a blue raz binge lately.


Thanks all! Tried it and loved it. Had to go up to 8% for my recipe but it was delicious. No perfume or alcohol aftertaste


Did you ever find the perfect percentage for this?


No, I stopped using RF SC because they either lost flavor, didn’t have any, or required too high a %. Not very easy to work with. Am currently using NicVape blue raspberry and I like it best of all the ones I have tried.