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Need a help with a recipe


Hi guys I’m new to e liquid diy I’m trying to make a nice strawberry custard flavor and I only have cap custard v1,tfa strawberry and tfa strawberry ripe plus tfa sweetener would anyone advice with a recipe for this ingredients
Thank you :grin:


2% Strawberry TPA
3% Strawberry Ripe TPA
6% VC V1 CAP

Use sweetener for flavored drinks, hehe. It will require some curing time, at least two weeks. If the strawberry isnt strong enough just but the %s up a bit.

Good luck!


hehe thx ken this recipe sounds good Im gonna mix it now and see how it turns


You can also mix up the custard bit first…and add the strawberry’s after 1 week…then steep for another week.

Strawberry can be a quick fader.


Is this in general? I still can’t figure out why some flavors fade and others pop after steeping…


It’s a bit hit and miss but mostly fruits…aniseed can do it too.

You have to remember that these are just food safe chemicals combined to create the flavour…and some of the ones used are highly volatile…so have a short life.

Air and warmth are the enemy…and as said…so is time with the more volatile flavours.

If I make anything strawberry I’ll do all the steeping of whatever else is in there first…and add the strawberry a day or two before it’s ready to vape. Stays nice and bright that way…and I make small batches…maybe 50ml at a time so I get through it before it fades.


Oh really didn’t know about that issue I haven’t mixed yet gonna mix it today and going to follow ur advice thank you very much for the info :grin:


The other side of that coin is to adjust flavoring %s for a long term curing. I cure my custards for 2 months so i increase the fruit %s slightly to compensate for flavor loss.

Lots of little things you learn as you fall deeper down the rabbit hole.


This guys got it, spot on. It’s hard to know just how far the flavor fade will go, but at a certain point, it plateaus; this is all part of learning about each of your flavors. Single flavor testing is just as important as steeping. Still even after you know how your flavors act on their own, they do act a bit different when mixed, some get lost while some dominate a mix. It’s all about playing with your materials and having patience.


Especially that strawberry ripe! I utilize that same trick with fruits and custards, helps keep the fruit “around” a bit longer.


If you do decide to add sweetener to mix I would stay low if using caps super sweet probably only need 3 drops per 30 ml mix. If it’s tpa sweetener I usually use 6-7 drops per 30 ml


Adding these will also have a muting effect on flavours given long enough:

EM, sweeteners, Smooth, Malted Milk…and probably a few others I’ve forgotten


This is very true thx @kreed!


Thank you everyone for giving me this helpful tips but now I’m confused heheheh I just want to make a nice sweet strawberry custard I have no problem with steeping for long time but should I increase the percentages that ken gave me should I add custard first then add strawberry later if I use tpa sweetener it’s going to ruin my flavor and make it muted my brain is going to explode heheheh :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Perhaps a good idea would be to make up several different bottles. Each w/a different method in it. That way u can decide for yourself :grin:


Yeahhh that a brilliant idea :bulb: I’m gonna try these methods that the guys advise and I’m gonna try one with the sweetener