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Need Help Advising Beginners


I have used this device with 4 different smokers, All 4 are vaping right now and one of them still smokes a stinky or two a day.

Also, I have had success with the Endura T18 (there are newer enduras now) with 2 smokers that are completely off the stinkies and still use the T18


That’s an awesome record. That says a lot about those set ups. I don’t have any first hand experience with them, but it’s hard to argue against that success rate. I think the toughest hurdle, helping someone make the switch from smoking, and sticking with it, is the convenience factor. Smoking is so damn convenient.

Pull one out, and light it up. Satisfaction achieved. Repeat as necessary. Every gas station is a cigarette station, stores on every corner sell them. It takes such a tiny slice of time & effort out of a person’s day, to satisfy the fix. If a good portion of a person’s daily decisions are convenience driven, they are going to be difficult to get over the hump.

Face it, they are addicts, just like most of us were. Addicts will find any excuse to maintain their present course, that gives them the satisfaction they require. Ewwww my fingers got all slimy and sticky changing the coil. It spit hot juice into my mouth, it leaked in my pocket. I left it in my car and made a mess, because it all leaked out. Heaven forbid they get a dry hit. Those are all legitimate reasons, to them, to go back to what they trust. Their smokes.

Manufacturers ‘seem’ to be giving starter gear a little more focus & R&D. Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be more and more starter setups coming to market. I’m happy to see that.


You’re right. I’m an egghead too…lol. I love them. The CLR heads are so easy to rebuild, and so customize-able. They’ll do TC if that’s your thing. You can swap the center pins to get the air you like, and they last forever. I have one CLR coil in my daily rotation that I’ve been rebuilding for almost 2 years. CLR friendly tanks make up probably 75% of my vaping. The other 25% is mainly via my beloved Kayfun Lite Plus V2’s.

As far as the ego one batteries, I have a couple of ego one minis if I want to go the stealthy route. I don’t have any experience with the larger ego one batteries. Like you, I use the egos on a Pico, or Evic Mini. Being a low power MTL’er, I made my decision to stick with single cell 18650 mods a long time ago. A single 18650 lasts me all day, normally.

I do have a couple of those Fasttech 100 coil packs in the stash. Mine are the 1.5 ohm version. I think they are 30 ga, if I remember correctly. I haven’t used any yet. I still just do 5 turns of 30 Kanthal on a 2.5 mm screwdriver, and go. Have the Fasttech pre-made coils worked well for you? If so, I’ll probably order more. At my age, the eyes aren’t getting any better. They may make life a little easier, in the future.

:+1: on the Ego CLR’s


True that convenience is a factor, but I think most smokers want to quit, but just don’t know how.

I quit because I was broke. I liked to smoke, I did NOT like to pick butts up off the ground :grin::nauseated_face::face_vomiting::skull:
I find the biggest deterrent is hacking and coughing after taking a vape hit. I made the mistake of letting my mom hit my mod. After she was done hacking up a lung, she wouldn’t touch or even think about a vape. I am just now getting her to try it again. Anywho, good luck


Yes those 100-pack coils work like a charm at least for me. I tried a few different ones ranging from 0.5 ohm to 1.2 ohm, kanthal or ss. I do only vape in wattage mode and use Rayon for wicking.


Ditto to what @d_fabes said: Awesome record! That alone leans me toward an EGO or simple stick-type device. And I really appreciate y’alls perspective ( @worm1 an @cooper1 incl). As I said at the outset, definitely do not want to run them off with any hacking up of lungs or deterrent complexity. And the price makes them practically disposable, at about half that of a carton of smokes.


Are all of your beginner friends vaping MTL?

Do the EGO line of devices allow vaping while charging?

In my house, we all vape DIY liquid (thank you ELR :]), 6mg Nic, 70v/30p range, and vape DL, sub-ohm, in the 35-45w power range.
Would the juice I already make be sufficient to share with folks using low power, MTL devices? Or would it need to be lower VG, higher Nic, etc. ?

Thanks all :]


Completely agree on the awesome track record. Yet I find that going the endura t18 or ego aio route would be the wrong move in 2017. I had both and found them to be lacking.

The t18 is a MTL device only so no option to try both methods. Better flavor starter kits out there.

The ego aio has such small wicking holes I wouldn’t put anything higher then 50 vg in there and I would still not be able to chain vape it. Also flavor wise this gear doesn’t preform aswell.

For me these are 2014-2015 beginner devices that more often then not will be replaced by something else within months if the person doesn’t revert back to cigs


Good point. That’s definitely part of it too. In fact I think those two things go hand in hand. Learning how, is what gets them past that initial convenience / frustration hump.


It sounds like our styles are very similar. I’m strictly low power MTL. 7.5 to 9.5 watts depending on the tank. No TC. 1.5 to 1.6 range for coils. Also use rayon. I’m tobacco flavors only. Pretty simple & boring.

When I was searching for my sweet spot, starting out, I went up and down the various power levels, and tried DL. I found that the higher I went in power, the less satisfied I felt. It was also harder on the lungs, in my case. I was a 45 year smoker, and during most of that, I had a lot of exposure to various aviation fuels and avgas. I’ve inhaled a lot of those nasty fumes. I’m sure my lungs aren’t in the best shape. They sure perform better though, since I quit smoking.

I joke with my wife, that when I go, she’s going to need a special permit to cremate me, due to all the jet fuel and avgas I’ve absorbed. Stand back! BOOM… POOF!


@CosmicTruth did a review on the Exceed D19. It sounds like a great starter kit. Might be worth investigating.


Hahaha. Might want stay away from dry burning them coils, too.


Since we hit the subject of convenience, a buddy of mine a few months back hit a point in vaping where he reverted to the laziness excuses. He didn’t shoot himself in the foot and buy a pack of smokes but he did invest in a pod system. It’s actually made by mystic (yes the tobacco company with the long skinny stinkies lmao which I teased him about horribly don’t worry), it’s called the pod mod V2 I think. Mystic has a few basic flavor pods to choose from ( tobacco, mixed berry, and one more I can’t remember). They also have a bundle going with cosmic fog pods (milk n honey, neon cream, and few more of their most popular offerings). If you’re not familiar with pods it’s a snap-in pod complete with a built in coil and pre-filled with eliquid. No mess, no fuss. Snap, click, puff, repeat. No simpler than that, and the price is $30-$40 depending which pod options u happen to choose (from wut he told me the mystic pods weren’t horrible but he preferred the cosmic fog obviously). Device charges decently quick, last quite awhile and the pods lasted him days even tho he degressed from subohming around .15ohm @ 90-ish watts. The only reason he went back to subohming is because he couldn’t refill the pods with my liquid he’s binged on for 2+yrs lmao😉 So, that’s another option if they want easier than easy. Vapor system with no excuses, so if it doesn’t work they just don’t want it bad enough and will have no excuses other than, “I’m a slave to big tobacco and I’m lazier than lazy.” I still stand by my original advice but offered this to cover the convenience factor👍🏻


I have both and Did NOT find them lacking. To each there own.

About them being old. Well that is the brilliance of it. They are less expensive and so are extra coils.


Kangertech Toptank mini.
The package contains premaded coilheads and RBA base.
It gives an ability to try different vape modes and to understand what is more fits for you.

I have Wotofo Serpent sub (compatibile with Kanger coils). Plus separately I bought the Kangertech RBA. And now I can tune this tank both MTL and DL modes with different variants.


Want to say thanks to all who responded here! Think I researched each and every setup suggested.

I chose the Joyetech Exceed D19, suggested by @d_fabes and reviewed by @CosmicTruth, which I’ll talk about in a minute.

Really like the SMOK X8 Stick kit, @ADKmac, which has the TAF x-Baby Beast and mass battery. But upon consideration, it was ME wanting one, and thought maybe it’d be too much for a newbie, and for a MTL option, they’d have to get a different tank. But I may get one for myself, and if/when any of my recruits stick with vaping, and want to graduate, I might steer them that way.

My next choice was the Joyetech eGo ONE Mega V2 Kit, suggested by @Duchesst. The CLR rebuildable coils look cool, and I like the fact that you can see buildup on the coils easily. 2300 mAh battery seems more than stout enough. Great price and coil options. But, when the vendors I deal with had availability issues, I kept looking.

Y’alls comments about simplicity really struck. For one or two of my potential new vapers, I imagine excessive fiddling would turn them off immensely. And if the tinkerer likes it, well, he can just get himself a real mod and a rebuildable something or other :] I’ll cross the bridge if it is built.

Anyway, the criteria came down to ease of use first, then performance, then cost, then the option for MTL (mouth-to-Lung) or DL (direct-lung) vaping.

The Joyetech Exceed D19 Starter Kit has everything needed (except liquid) to start off, for about $25.

It’s about the size of a big highlighter marker, but the 1500 mAh battery, coupled with the provided tank/coils functions great for its size, and so far with casual use, the battery lasts well.

It comes with a MTL coil, 1.2 ohm, 8-14W, and a DL coil, 0.5 ohm, 20-35W. Coils are NiChrome, and their bodies are colored differently to easily distinguish between them: Silver = MTL, Gold = DL (sub-ohm). Just pop in the coil that matches the vaping style you want to try, adjust the airflow (which has great range), and you are off and running. Very simple.

Both coils have (4) juice holes, and the DL coils have slightly larger juice holes, which so far can wick up to 75% VG liquid. The DL coil vapes really nice, with no off-tastes, and plenty of vapor.

The MTL coil seems okay, but I don’t have any juice made for that setup yet. Tried some 62% VG in it and it wicked fine, but Nic is too low and flavor not strong enough (for me). But it will put out as much vapor as a cigarette will put out smoke.
I mixed up a MTL version of some of my regular juices with higher Nic, 60% VG, and increased flavor percentage by 10%. This should provide a better vape with the lesser vapor provided by the MTL setup, at least I hope :]

NO LEAKS so far. Even let a partially full tank (MTL) lay on its side overnight with the air slots/holes open and facing down, and not a drop leaked. Did the same with a full tank for several hours, and no leak. The MTL coil gurgles just a bit when you first hit it, after it has sat a while, but that clears itself quickly.
The DL tank was not actually “tested” for leakage, but it has been in a purse jostling around and such, and no leak there either.
Keep in mind that as I’ve had no leaks with 62% or 70% VG, people using 50% PG or otherwise thinner juice may have leak issues, I just don’t know.

The tank is a standard 510 thread, so it can be easily removed, disassembled, and cleaned. This is a big plus in my view.

The tank is filled from the top, with large fill slots. Another plus.

Will run in direct output mode (power sent to atomizer relative to battery charge state), and
constant voltage output mode (same power sent to atomizer regardless of charge). I think the latter is preferred, so the vape is more consistent. But the option is there to easily switch to direct output on a fully charged battery to see how big of a cloud you can chuck with this thing on the DL coil :] 40 Watts is the max it will do.

Even the charging port mini-USB, is in the right place: on the side and not the bottom.

The only con I see is that the tank has to be drained to change the coil, but that is a really small con.

Overall, I think this device is perfect for a beginner. And at $25, like half the price of a carton of smokes, it is really disposable if you do not like vaping. If you like it, and move up to a better device, this makes a great backup, or mobile pocket device, or stealth mod. It feels solid and should last a while.


Really happy to hear that @vaug I think it’s really great how much thought and care u put into this project trying to help save your friends’ health. Really glad u liked my suggestion and hope to hear from u about it in the future my friend. I’m only ever a message away👌🏻


Many thanks :] I’ll keep y’all posted.

Want to hear something strange?
At the very moment you responded here, I was browsing some flavors over at Bull City, and just so happened to land on RF French Toast, and had opened the only review, your review.


That’s totally weird brother! Lol but I’ve been learning lately that the universe works in a very strange and #mysteeeeerious way in general anyway so I’m minimally shocked considering how my weekend went lol, although that’s very cool and I do highly recommend that flavor :grin:


Guess I HAVE TO BUY that flavor now. Hahaha. I mean, how could I not? And try your additions, too.


I just recently bought that French Toast flavor because of @ADKmac! And for realz, you need to try some of this guy’s mixes, they’re fucking stellar. I haven’t been disappointed with a single one of them that I’ve mixed up. In fact I have some of the biggest bottles of juice that I’ve ever made steeping right now with his recipes.
(Sorry, bit of a derail…lol)