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Need Help Advising Beginners


Very nice to hear. I liked the fact that it could do both MTL and DL, but since I had no personal experience with it I couldn’t recommend it so I pointed out the review.


So I wanted to check in with some results from my careful vaping introduction to some people that I care about. As mentioned earlier, I chose the Joyetech Exceed D19, with four DIY recipes, each in 12mg Nic-60% VG for MTL, and 6mg nic-70%VG for DL.
The jury is still out, of course, as to the degree of cessation that will occur, but I am pleased with the initial kickoff.
Four of five who tried vaping tolerated the throat hit fine and took to the experience well. The fifth will continue to try.
Two have tried both DL and MTL, and each preferred a different way. The other two are happy so far with MTL.
An interesting note, one of the new vapers wanted to try 6mg nic with the MTL coil, and all I had was 70% VG at that strength, and the coil surprisingly wicked fine, with no dry hits. Now this was casual, not chain vaping, but still. :]
Anyway, wanted to share the good news that at least we got past the initial hurdle.
Thanks again for y’alls help in getting us there.