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Need help on a new mod


Hey guys, I’m currently running an Aspire Pegasus with a Triton Tank. I run at 45W and use a 70/30 mix. My batteries are Samsung 2500MaH. I just got new batteries and I’ve lost happiness with this setup. My clouds are smallish and the flavor is pretty weak (ADV is Bust-A-Nut) Can you guys suggest a good setup That’ll get me decent clouds, good flavor and a decent throat hit?


Are you willing to use a RDA ??? or an RDTA


NO, I’m not a dripper


DNA250C Mod and Titanium Wire… All Day Baby!


The Teslacigs XT is a pretty decent mod that takes 18650 and 21700 batteries and the Augvape Intake is a good tank.
I agree with @Pro_Vapes about the DNA250C but if you are looking for something less expensive than that, you won’t go wrong with the ones I suggested.
The Smoant Cylon is also very good.


I have the GeekVape Aegis Legend mod and the Creed RTA tank. This is my first RTA tank and DANG I’m sorry I haven’t tried an RTA before! The flavors to me are outstanding! the mod uses two 18650 and I have the Samsung 25R’s as well. Currently using Half Staggered Fused Clapton coils and cotton I got from amazon. Normal watt for me is around 50 now. Sometimes a little lower depending on juice I’m using.

EDIT: I also am currently using it as a single coil setup. As I find It still produces lots of cloud but keeps the flavor. I usually get 1 to 1.5 days of battery life out of it.


Meaning you don’t want to build your own coils? Understandable, but there are some fantastic sub-ohm tanks with replaceable coils available. I’m still using the old Smok Baby Beast with a mesh insert even though I primarily do RDA/RTA/RDTA and build my own coils.

This probably isn’t any help to you, but you have to understand that your question will get varying responses based on what we all have used. Depending on budget you’ll just need to pick one.


I was adamant not to use rda’s. I had gotten a few and hated them, they burnt hot, they spit and acted like they were going to explode… then about 2 years later I decided (stupid me, trying the same thing as if things would be different) to try a goon rda and now I haven’t touched one of my tanks for about 6 months. I have 4 rda’s running all the time just like I use to have 3 or 4 tanks running all the time.
For me, I loved the Griffin’s (the 25’s and mini… I disliked the 22mm as the chimney is too close to the sidewalls of the tank glass) as my go to tank. I lucked out with wicking it right off the bat, but know many people have to fight until they get it right.


Thanks guys. I chose the GeekVape Aegis Legend cuz I got the whole setup for $113. I looked at the DNA250C but I didnt need all the bells and whistles for $200


Congrats on a new rig. There’s really no wrong answer here. Everybody here has evolved hardware-wise. There are some awesome real Sales from time to time. I picked up my HCIGAR DNA 250 for $72 on a Chinese New Year Sale. Next time you have some of that money you are no longer spending on Stinkies …burning a hole in your pocket …check out the latest “Good Deals” thread.

Try and read some of the local Consumer Complaints (on ELR) to learn who might be a bad choice for that “Deal”. This is all Mail Order stuff (just cheaper) I’m talking about, but if you spent your $113 at a local Vape Shop …good on you Mate.


Just wondering how your liking your new setup!


Recently picked one up and it is an awesome tank! Much easier to wick than others i have tried! Flavor is out of this world!


Good choice, I assume you got the kit with the AeroMesh tank?


So far loving this setup. Batteries lasting me about 5-8 hours and a tank almost all day. Good flavor too. Yes, I got the AeroMesh tank. Thanks for all the help guys!


Did you know there are about 84 coils that fit that tank?