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Need help with a flavor in a new recipe


If your overall % are lower you will taste some malt but it is not really a lead flavour more like a accent imo. I Have never played with it that high so I dont know what the result will be


If you have nuts of some kind (yeah I went there :joy: ) or more specifically hazelnut or/and almond, and have some white chocolate or marzipan they do support chocolates, especially milk chocolate if you’re aiming for that. They also bring out certain other notes in flavors like milk or malt and other creams.

Same goes for regular vanillas like Tahity, bourbon, classic, French vanilla. You could add that to your ice cream to bring out the vanilla a bit more. I would give that a thought, maybe that gets you closer to your goal.


Malted Milk Ate My CHOCOLATE!

Simple Choco Malt II
1.00% Cocoa (FA)
4.00% Double Chocolate (Clear) (TPA)
3.00% French Vanilla V1 (CAP)
5.00% Malted Milk (TPA)
5.00% Milk Chocolate (TPA)
Flavor total: 18%
Remember to hate it

I can still taste the malt a little but all the other flavors are so muted they are gone, It’s still vapeable and it was actually quite good up till about 2 weeks, 5% malt is too much and does not work because of the muting effect of MM TPA at 5%.

I’m thinking TPA Malt needs to be completely omitted or reduced to almost 0%

I have NF and FA malt now also to play with, I will not give up (yet).

Thanks for all the tips.


After your earlier post I to took a shot at a Choco Malt Shake. I did heed this earlier warning.

Chocolate Malt Shake 05-06-18 : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2341659/Chocolate%20Malt%20Shake%2005-06-18

0.75% Cream Whipped (FA)
0.80% Dark Chocolate (MF)
1.00% Holy Vanilla (DIYFS)
1.50% Malted Milk (TPA)
3.50% Vanilla Ice Cream (LB)

Flavor total: 7.55%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/kHE9


I have posted the link a few times for Charlie Noble’s blog - there is a little section on Malted Milk which I sort of agree with but I agree more with Naseschwarz’s notes on the %

… Malted Milk is a tricky flavor, and can get really weird, really quickly. I feel that you need to use it in conjunction with two other cream notes, and keep it under 3%. In this application…


Agreed, I have NF and FA malt now & not many notes in the Flavor DB.
One of these days I’ll have to try those DC MF, HV DIY and VIC LB. I have heard good about all those flavors.
I have a taste bud problem so I have to max my liquids and rotate constantly. TBH that juice I mixed was delicious for 17 days then quickly muted overnight, But I’m looking for something I can mix and steep for a month then have a delicious double chocolate extra malt for a year that keeps getting better. I do think Naseschwarz hit the nail on the head, but I had to try for myself.
To make everything even more complex i found when I restocked my MC TPA I had been using MC and my replacement came is DX MC and completely different than what I had been using.

Sincere thanks for your help
the quest continues…


How do you rate the PB Cereal, I never mixed it but do have all the flavors even Saline.
give me a rating between 0-120 and I’ll mix that many ml :smile:

The hard part is the chocolate part of the choc malt, im vaping a mix that has:

Cocoa (FA) %1.00
Double Chocolate (Clear) (TPA) %3.50
DX Milk Chocolate (TPA) %5.51

and it has no chocolate taste at all


I have to admit I have never made it due to the PB as it is something I just can’t vape. The notes that are attached are pretty good.


It is highly rated, but it’s also the 1 juice they dropped from their line and published the recipe. The reason for me wanting choc malt is to offset all the creams and fruits im vaping, based on the other ratings i may mix 60 next week up to see if I can stand PB.
Sorry I so badly hijacked this thread but I got a lot of useful info, and the title “need help with a flavor in a recipe” fit my chocolate problem.

I wonder if the maltol and ethyl maltol in Double Chocolate (Clear) Flavor TPA is muting the mix…