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Need help with a flavor in a new recipe


I got a blue raspberry slushy recipe and it has this flavor and I’m not sure what it is can you help me out if ya no what it is its blue raspberry slushy (osdiy)


Post the recipe here with your question(s)/problem(s). :wink:


I’m not familiar with that particular flavor brand, but here’s some notes and a review that might help you out…


It is sold here


Oh ok so the osdiy stands for one stop do it yourself I figured thats what the diy was but wasn’t sure about the rest it’s not any of the major flavor brands that I no like cap or tfp n stuff but thank you very much for your help your a life saver


@xkalibudx you are welcome. They have a few good flavors they make.
If you post the recipe we can look at the other flavors in it. Maybe they are good just not known to you?

I think the others just misunderstood what you were asking, but you can also look the flavors up in the flavor list and see how popular, or how many people use them


Holy Vanilla is by DIYFS…

If the Blue Razz you have don’t work out, then take a look at this Blue Raspberry. It’s the only one I have, but IMO pretty effing good…


opps see i try to help and still screw up LOL… well i did get the right place for the blue raspberry though


Banana runts need not apply. If you’ve ever eaten caramelized bananas and liked them maybe you can help. I’d like to try my own mix but not experienced with banana flavors. Can I get some opinions?