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Need help with coil


best way to get 0.2 or 0.25 out of a single coil, using 24g kanthal… HELP: not at home to make different one’s to test that is why I’m asking


4 wraps with a 2mm inside diameter would get you close


Steam-engine.org will get you close


question if the inner diameter is larger will i have lost or gained? other words lets say 4 wraps with 3mm inside would it be " 0.4 or 0.1" JUST PUT OHMS AS A REFERENCE. thanks


You add resistance, 3mm would bring it about mid 0.3s


Why do you want to get a specific resistance?

Unless you are building for a mech mod, which I assume you aren’t since you have to ask, the ohms doesn’t matter the slightest bit.


Sqounk mod. I have built a few different things which work’s great on other
mods but this sqounker is calling for that build.


6 wraps in parallel with a diameter of 2mm will ohm out at .2 or you could do 5 wraps in parallel around a 3mm and get .22.


www.steam-engine.org is your friend when building coils… though you haven’t mentioned if you want to make a single coil or a dual one (or more coils inculuded)… the number of wraps is changing depending the number of the coils too :slight_smile:

gl and hf :slight_smile:


it does specify single. but thanks for the info