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Need Help With Recipe - Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy


Hey everyone I’m new to this forum and somewhat new to making vape juice. I’ve made other very simple juices but I’m having a hard time with this Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy. In the past I bought the Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy (CAP) but no matter the mix, it was never a good single flavor. I tried from 5% up to 15% and no mix, no steep time, produced a good true flavor, so I decided to try and make it myself. I added;

30ml Mix
8% Blue Raspberry (TFA)

4% Strawberries and Cream (TFA) It was too potent first time. Thought this might balance it.

1.5% Cotton Candy(TFA)

1% White distilled Vinegar - I thought this might also pull out a good flavor

I’ve tried just cotton candy and blue raspberry in different %s but no luck. I’ve tried multiple different ways but I can’t get anything that resembles blue Raspberry cotton candy.

I’m just looking for any tips or tricks!

Thanks I’m advance,



Welcome aboard - Blue Raspberry CC it appears is many people’s unicorn. There are a few threads already about both cc and blue raspberry that may assist.


I really can’t help with Cotton Candy Part, but for the Blue RAZZ…


If you are in the states they sell it here as well


Thank you both for the replies you’ve been helpful!