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Need some help! I have CTS!


I see that you have some good mixers listed there. One thing to note is that some of the top rated recipies just don’t always work for everyone.

Recipies I commonly review are those who are active on this side. Like from @Pro_Vapes @Amy2 and so on. Tooo many to name. But at least misspell quickly. Alissa fidalgo kenowere beutiford and ahhhh so many.


It’s 5 o’clock somewhere right? :laughing: :wink:

To clarify the references for the OP:
Alisa (aka DaMomma)


Lol. Yes. Kinda. Running out of lunch time. You could be named in that list too. Along with 100 other people.


I think your taste buds may be similar to mine. Might try one of my recipes and let me know what your think.


I stopped the stinkies 12/12, dec. 2012, I just started DIY , 7 months ago and it took me 4-5 months to really start tasting my mixes, I guess it took so long to recover from all the sugar,. But main thing don’t give up, you will not regret it. You will find your recipes will taste so much better than vape store,shop, recipes. At least you are able to use good equipment compared to what was available in 2012/13. That alone makes a huge difference. You have found the perfect place to learn and ask questions, 1st class folks here to help and have good time doing it.


BB, Thanks for the tip and the recipe! I think you looked at my flavor stash and picked one of your exotic recipes! I have the AP, CC, And MM. None of the good ones hahaa! added them to my shopping list so next order will have them included!!
I have found that i get decent results from darker fruits and nutty type flavors so I have been messing with them and hoping my taste buds will join the game over the next couple months!


@Mix_and_Hope Appreciate the encouragement! Today marks my 1 month anniversary as a non smoker!!
I enjoy vaping and enjoy trying to create or alter recipes suited to my tastes. I Have been spending the money I used to spend on cigs on DIY gear and flavorings! I will persevere until I can succeed!!!
And speaking of good equipment. Any ideas on the best tank set up for flavor?


WOOHOO! :tada: :balloon: :confetti_ball:


Thank you sir!! Feels Good!!


@atssec97, Yes, I can say with out a doubt, Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme Lite RDTA, as far as mods, Lost Vape, Envi, Tesla, Smoant, JayBo, SXmini, IJoy, are all good, I have had a few others that lasted good for the money.
also Vandy Vape has got a great selection of tanks, for the money, you cant go wrong.


Looking at your flavor list, you are missing the TFA Belgian Waffle. Circus Cotton Candy is used as a sweetener here so you can use any of your favorite sweeteners like FA Meringue at 2%. FA Maple Syrup at 2% will be fine.


I like CTS, I have CRS, not related at all but its caused by PD which has a side effect of CTS.

@moderators We should merge some of these topics, hope not everyone has PD.


Me too! And the older I get the more the CRS kicks in. Hoping the CRS will cure the CTS!!! Lmao!


The worse the CRS gets, the worse the CTS gets. We can cope :slight_smile:


Not the answer I was hoping for!! Thanks for that! :unamused:


I get flavor fatigue, after I puff on a juice about 12 times I quit tasting it. So I have several MODS with different flavors I like that I switch to every time my buds quit tasting. I’ve found several juices and have now created a set of different liquids that I like, some are fruit, some nut, some are creams. Looking in your flavor stash I think you could do the same. After while you will find some recipes you like but they taste weak, you may be able to determine those mixers may be mixing for a dripper and you may have to increase the flavor to taste it in a tank. The opposite may be true, if your dripping something that has been mixed for a tank too much flavor could be killing your taste buds and you stop tasting it. You can adapt those recipes and increase or decrease the total flavor to match your desired flavor level. Adapt, save, click the wrench, adjust total flavor %, save.
I don’t drip, so often I find a nice looking recipe with like 6% TF so i adjust it upward before i even try mixing it.


I have a similar set up, I have adapted close to 50 of the top rated recipes from here on ELR. I can taste some fruits while others are not so much. I have backed off of the strawberries and will try those in a few months. Have been vaping @Alisa’s Bust a nut from one of my tanks and enjoy that a lot! Also have a coffee vape created by @freshepies in another tank. 3 other tanks that have different recipes in them.
I am working on a simple Blueberry and cream by @8-ballvapes, His recipe started @ 15% Blueberry extra TPA. All I could taste was the cream. I added 1% FA Bilberry and upped the BB extra to 19% and it has good flavor for me. My wife says it’s to strong and she doesn’t care for it. Funny how different tastes can be!
I have been mixing different recipes and letting them steep a week or more and then do a taste test on an old Dark Horse rda and if I get enjoyable flavor it will go into one of the tanks. The one’s I try and don’t get much flavor go back into the steeping locker for later!
This BB & cream is not bad but it’s a very simple two flavor recipe. I chose it for that reason and now that I am getting some flavor out of it I would like to play around with the %'s and fine tune it into something brighter with sharper flavor. This will be the fun part of DIY!
Have to say this is a Great community and lots of good folks willing to help and encourage us new folks has and will continue to convert us ex smokers into healthier and happier Vapors! I hope that one day I can pay it forward and support and encourage some other new person! Thanks to all!!


So I have an update for this group of SF tests! Thay have steeped for two weeks, got busy and couldn’t get back to them til today.
I am sad to report that at 5% none of these had any discernible flavor! Going to up the %'s and see what happens!!