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Need some help please!


Hi guys, i am new here. i can easily copy other recipes from the site but i am trying to make a single flavor as i dont want to buy to maybe concentrates and waist my money if i dont like them. So im trying to make a Mango flavor.I cant find just a single mango flavor recipe here. i did also read up on the steeping process and i made a nice Strawberry and vanilla ice cream recipe which i am steeping atm. With fruity flavors can you mix them up and smoke them right away/ or do i need to let them steep for a little bit? i have had to go buy more juice to smoke because in my area there is only 1 place to buy from and they are a serious rip off. Any help would be appreciated.



You may want to order some really small samples of various mango flavors from a vendor like Wizard Labs, which sells really small sample vials for like $1.50 I think. This way you can taste each flavor. If you check the flavor list on the recipe site, you’ll find recommended % for each flavor based on what is in the database already. You’ll find single fruit flavors don’t need to steep at all, overnight at most, except possibly citrus flavors.


Thanks for that but I live in South Africa. I think for $1.50 it’s going to cost me quite a bit for shipping. :joy:


I don’t know which brands you can get there, but here are some mango’s from different brands and the flavour profile and average mixing percentage.

Welcome to the site btw :grinning:


its Mango Concentrate (TFA)


TFA is the same as TPA :grinning:


i just dont understand the Nicotine strenth in the calc


You purchase nicotine PG and VG and your flavor, the nicotine comes in various strengths. That information goes into the bottom part of the recipe form, there below the Max VG checkbox. I buy 36mg nicotine in 50/50 pg/vg so that is what i enter in the nicotine strength=36, and PG-content of nicotine=50. Then at the top of the form when you enter the amount to make and the desired strength of your e liquid the recipe form will calculate how much of your base and flavor to add to make the juice.


Cool thanks makes a little more sense now. I have 36mg/ml Nicotine : 0%VG 100%PG


So this is kind of right then.


OK that’s the information you add then try it out let us know if it works like you expect. :blush:
happy vaping


Thats a good start, Congratulations on your progress. With a small investment you can save loads of money and have tons of fun making your own e juice.


thank you very much guys. i will let you know tomorrow what it tastes like. Yes its saving tons of money but more than that its fun. i like learning new thing :smile:


Also Ryan, you don’t need to use PG at all, you can use 5% Distilled Water and 1% Vodka and then check the Max VG Button for mixing.

I’m telling you because a lot of people don’t want to use PG or can’t tolerate it. You just have to steep your liquids a little longer.


I too am new to all this. There is so much information on the different chemicals etc, I just don’t know what they are talking about. Could you explain how all this works. All I want to do is produce my own juice. Cola Float is my favorite. I am now using 18mg/ml of nicotine and cant figure out how to get it to that strength etc.

If you could help I would appreciate it
Thanks, BillT


I’m not worried about the chemicals, we’re talking trace amounts here. Compared to the amount of chemicals in cigarettes it is negligible.
People who are worried about that should stop breathing all together, it’s not safe.
Just produce your own juice and have fun. :yum: