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Need some help with a particular flavor


Hello all,

I need some help in identifying a particular flavor so I can create my own juice.

The flavor I am looking for is the “sour berry” part of Vista Vapors sour berries & cream.

I love the sour berry part, not so much the cream, so I was trying to find out what flavor it might be so I can create my own sour berry vape.

The flavor itself tastes exactly like a wild tart blackberry. I know the flavor is called sour berries & cream, but it is more tart and not sour.

I have purchased so many different berry flavors, and just can’t seem to find it, so if anyone here has any insight as to what flavor it might be, I would forever be in your debt!

Thank you very much!!!


There’s a good chance it’s a combo of different berries/fruits/additives that are in the mix. Have you tried combing flavors? Which flavors have you tried so far?


Thanks for the reply,

so far i have only tried single flavors, not combinations yet.

The problem i am having is everything is too sweet, and the end taste should be tart, not sour.

I tried adding some sour to my single flavor mixes, but could tell that wasn’t it.

So far the closest smelling flavor I found is Capella raspberry V2. It smells like it could be it, but just too sweet


I am hoping maybe someone here has tried this flavor, and knows which stupid berry this is! lol

The flavor profile itself is exactly like a fresh tart blackberry picked right off the vine. so good!


from a clone site …not mine

Sour (TPA) 3.6%
Rainbow Sherbet (TPA) 1.80%
Raspberry (CAP) 4.50%


Sorry can’t help you there, I haven’t tried it. But like I said, chances are it’s a combo of stupid berries, not just one. :wink:
If cap rb smells right, I’d start there as your main flavor and then try adding onto it with either darker or lighter berries depending on what needs tweaking, and maybe some different sour or tart flavors. I’m afraid that’s all the help I can give.


I am not familiar with the juice you are attempting to recreate but I can guarantee you that it is not a single flavor recipe just by the way you described it. However, If I were to try to create a “Sour Berries and Cream” flavor, I would start with something like this and adjust after steeping and tasting:

FA - Forest Fruit 0.50%
Cap - Sweet Cream 1.5%
FA - Black Currant 0.75%
TFA - Lemon 0.25%
Malic Acid (Sour) 0.25%


hmmm, rainbow sherbet. That could be it! don’t have any on hand, am going to have to order.

does the clone site say whether the cap raspberry is V1 or V2?


hmm, sounds like this might work too, will have to try forest fruit. Don’t have any.


I should also mention that I did speak to Vista Vapors before I posted this.

I was trying to buy the flavor directly from them, but they don’t sell flavors due to some stupid FDA rule, so the person I spoke to said it was a simple raspberry and sour, but I don’t think he was telling me the full truth…

Looks like I will be testing non stop in the coming weeks.


Good luck getting a recipe from a retail vendor that sells the juice for the recipe you are seeking. Most retail artists will not share their trade secrets.

If you do however get a raspberry flavor, I strongly recommend Inawera Raspberry. IMO, it is the best available in the current market.


Inawera huh? That is one of the few berries I don’t have. Is it very sweet?


It tastes just like a ripe raspberry in my humble opinion. It is more tart than sweet but is just sweet enough to thoroughly enjoy.


Well that sounds exactly like what im looking for. Maybe, that’s what i am missing!

Looks like I need to place an order for some flavors tonight.

thank you.


You are welcome. I have a similar recipe that is very close to the one you are describing. Maybe give it a look and see if it’s something that you may like …


Thank you, that does sound good.
I might skip the stevia as i want to keep it as tart as possible. I have all the ingredients, except for that Inerwa Raspberry. Im going to place an order right now and get a few things mentioned in this thread.
Are you using Cap Raspberry V1? I only have V2 so might have to get V1 also


My Capella Raspberry is indeed V1.


Thank you, I wanted to confirm before I order


If you’re referring to @BoDarc’s post, it’s typically understood (or accepted) that the flavors are V1 (unless specifically noted).

Flavors were flavors (until the diacetyl fear uproar) until they added v2 (Cap) or DX (TFA).

The exception to the rule (currently) is Real Flavors (RF), which in their case has nothing to do with D/A/AP. In their scheme, it actually means the flavor profile has been altered.


What @VapeyMama said plus have you considered adding a little bit of TPA Sour
or cold pressed lime from FA