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Need some help with a particular flavor


Good luck!! I’m crossing my fingers for you! :shamrock:


@obijuan Single flavor test can be accomplished by just dripping right onto your lightsaber and sniffing …just don’t get it too close to your beard …that’d be bad :sunglasses:


Please please post results. My flavor junkie in me is now itching to place and order. I got my eye on their birthday cake seems their is a V1 and 2 though :frowning:


Lmao. I just ordered. I couldnt help myself


LOL. Sorry I didn’t post my results, but that’s because stupid USPS was supposed to deliver yesterday, and didn’t. :unamused: So Im still waiting for my package. Should be here tmrrw.

So what did you end up ordering?


Birthday cake type 1
Birthday cake type 2
Whipped cream
Icecream cone
Fruit punch
Blue raspberry and a few others…

Noticed they give a color description. Blue razz was burgundy and papaya was pale green. I hope this is natural color residual from extraction process and not artificial color as the ingredients did not list color…


Ah, so you got both versions, huh? Good call. Plus a few others? Nice! I want to try so many of their other flavors, but wanted to see how the first few are…

I did however order 4oz bottles, cause now after reading up on this, I’m 99.9999% positive that these are the Vista Vapors flavors, and the ones I ordered I know I will like. (I hope)


I ordered 4oz in all as well. More cost effective even if a few are complete duds…
I should have ordered crazy berry! Fakkk lol


Yea, I feel the same way about the 4oz size, but damn you ordered a lot! :open_mouth:
I’m so jealous, but I’m not gonna kid myself, I know I’m gonna end up ordering a lot more from them soon.
Have you ever used any of these flavors?


What about “Bitter Wizard”? Since you say it is not 'Sour".
I just put a drop of Bitter Wizard in my Griffin that has a Blackberry mix in it.
It did not make it more sour, just more bitter like the skin of a fruit. Perhaps they also use Sour as you were told.
Other concentrates that I use to make my fruit mixes more ‘zingy’ or more sour are Sweet & Sour by TPA or Rainbow Drops TPA. I’ve also been using Cranberry by FLV a lot to give me a zing. Once I did mix up a Blackberry lemonaid and it was really good. Have you thought maybe a lemon? That would give you the sour and the bitterness.
Hope this helps… Joy


Well, I actually do have Bitter Wizard, Sour, Super Sour, Sweet & tart, lemon, lime, black currant, cranberry, probably more that are bitter or sour tasting, but here’s the thing, its not bitter nor sour its tart.

The best way I could describe it is it tastes like an unripe blackberry or raspberry. Like if you see one that’s not quite ripe and still kinda green, that kinda tart. Still has sweetness to it, just has that ‘unripe’ tartness to it.

That’s the best way I can think of to describe it, but I will tell you that the reason I fell in love with this particular flavor and have been on a quest for it is because to me it tastes exactly like these wild blackberries that used to grow everywhere in Spain (I spent my summers there as a kid). They’re actually called ‘moras’ over there, which is basically a blackberry, but the wild ones to me always had some zing to them whereas the store bought ones are just sweet.


WooHoo!! Finally got my vapemail.

First thing right away made a quick 10ml mix of sour raspberry. I tried it @ 10%. First impression as a shake & vape is pretty good, and this tastes like the flavor i have been looking for!

Not quite there yet, so still have to mix a few more different %'s tonight, and let everything steep, but so far so good, everything smells good, and pretty much what i was hoping for. All the flavors smell like their Vista Vapors counterparts so I am very pleased with this purchase.


So I just wanted to give everyone an update on my tests.

I made several mixes, and took notes, and once i’m done w everything, I will fully update the notes in the flavor list. I didn’t want to do it here as i’m not quite done, and I think it would be better if I kept the info easier to find in the flavor list.
Anyway, I did find, that these flavors work pretty much at the same percentages as Flavor West. So anywhere between say 12-18% works great as a standalone flavor YMMV of course, and depending on your mix ratio, etc.

But for quick reference, I mixed everything @ 60%VG / 40%PG - 9mg nic and I found that the fruit flavors seemed to taste perfect for me at around 16-18%. I’m still mixing, testing, etc as you all know its a work in progress, but a very fun one at that.
In the meantime I have also ordered a lot more from them, so I will be busy trying their other flavors, so far peanut butter is great, but I have sooo much more to go :sweat_smile:
So that’s all for now, but I can confirm 2 things: these are Vista Vapors flavors, and use percentages similar to Flavor West’s.
Thank you all for your help. Oh, almost forgot, @Mourning_Glory, I did make your Rootin’ Tootin’ Raspberry, and it’s very good. I’ll go leave you a good review. Thanks again everyone!


I havent recieved mine yet as i am in Vancouver B.C hopefully customs doesnt decide these are nuclear waste and hold the package while they do tests (checking to see if they can rub their bellies and tap their heads at the same time)


My Simply Flavor order came yesterday!! Sniff tests got me excited. So far just SNV results to post…
Papaya 3% very good , juicy and fragrant without any hint of pepper and not pungent. Fairly weak but still there. Going to steep instincts tell me 4- 4.5% in a mix.
Icecream- 3% Amazing, actually smells and tastes like vanilla icecream, fairly light on the vanilla, creamy, airy , lacks depth/ mouthfeel partner with marshmallow or vanilla pudding?
Icecream cone 3% too much? Bleh tastes like ooo sugar cone. Let er sit but instincts say dial it back 0.75%?
Blue Razz 6% very good already. Similiar to EF blue raspberry(minus the odd banana note) deep dark blue razz taste with hint of cotton candy.
Sugar cookie (water test flavor almost non existant) starting % 6, WOW ! Sweet warm clean and smooth vanilla inhale with excellent texture fine powdering crumbly cookie on the exhale ,spot on icing finale. 10/10 SNV! Disclaimer: this flavor is light burgundy in color? Label reads ethyl alcohol , PG, natural and artificial flavor…note sure where the color is coming from (vanilla?)
Fruit punch 3% spot on fruit punch like that of the store bought hawaiin punch drink, not a tropical punch like FW, packs a nice red punch.
Birthday cake Type1 6% not bad at all for SNV needs to steep though

Will revisit after they steep

Still need to test:
Birthday cake type2
Whipped cream


Does SimplyFlavor accept paypal? It looks like they don’t checking out as a guest, but wondered if maybe creating an account changes that. You both got me interested so I checked out the flavors and found a few I’d like to try, plus the prices for 4oz is decent even if you have to use 12-18% flavoring.

Do either of you know any regular multi-brand vendors that carry these flavors (Like Gremlin, BCV etc)?



@FlavorLovinFlav I have an acct w them. I just checked, but it doesn’t look like you can use Paypal. At least I did not see anything for Paypal when choosing a payment option. Maybe you can email them or shoot them an email?


Thanks for confirming, I didn’t want to make another account for no reason if they didn’t accept paypal. I’ll have to try and find some vendor that re-bottles these so I can try them out.


@obijuan try capella harvest berry with a little bit of your sour as a starting point and go from there it’s a great platform for building on.